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quake put life on hold in damaged, hungry indonesian village

by:COSCO     2019-08-07
KEKAIT, Indonesia-
Since Rafikah fled her crumbling home after a major earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia, her lush rural life has stopped.
No children go to school.
No adults working.
Nothing is open.
\"The earthquake paralyzed everything,\" said the mother of the two injured children, who spoke under a large blue tent, set in place for her and her family from 7 on Sunday.
Magnitude 0 earthquake.
\"Our lives have just stopped.
\"The problem with poor areas like Kekait is that no one knows when or even how they rebuild.
At the same time, \"there are very few people in our village,\" said the 33-year-old. year-
The old mother who grew up there
\"It\'s like a ghost town now.
\"Rafikah, like many Indonesians, uses only one name and is one of at least 156,000 people counted so far by the National Agency for Disaster Reduction.
Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokesman for the agency, also said on Wednesday that the current death toll is 131 and nearly 1,500 are seriously injured.
As the extent of the loss becomes more apparent, government and private groups have been increasing food and medical deliveries on Lombok Island.
The military sent five planes from Jakarta to transport food, medicine, blankets, tents and water trucks.
But that effort is not enough for many people affected by the crisis.
In the remote village of Mekar Sari, residents say there is no aid at all and can only be reached by motorcycle on the narrow dirt road.
Along the main road of Lombok, desperate survivors
Some of them
Hold open cartons begging for donations through drivers.
Others hold a simple slogan: \"We are the victims of the earthquake. Please help us. We need food.
At Kekait, thousands of people are in the palm of their hands.
Displaced residents say the valley on the edge between steep hills-
Important supplies including rice, eggs, dried noodles and water have been distributed.
However, most people say they need more things, including basic necessities such as blankets and toilets. Dr.
Mohammad Fikhan Zulkarnain, Kekait\'s only doctor, said he has treated more than 300 people.
Most of the initial patients had fractures, fractures and fractures.
But now, people come here mainly because of respiratory infections and diarrhea, which is caused by living in dusty and unsanitary environments outside.
Zulkarnain said he had very few supplies.
He pointed to a blue table with antibiotics, breath-taking, cough syrup and other drugs on it, which he said would last only one day.
\"I am giving people sleeping pills, but no one is sleeping well,\" he said, monitoring a man lying on a stretcher, on his forehead while speaking under a blue tent
\"They are still scarred and they are still shocked.
They felt unsafe because they felt it was not over.
\"The government has measured more than 300 aftershocks since Sunday\'s earthquake.
Most recently on Wednesday morning, panic residents of Kekait ran to the open air area for safety.
No new injuries were reported.
When hundreds of residents crowded under large tents in nearby fields, most of the usually bustling streets in the village were empty, full of rubble and debris, and the doorways leading to no roof
For the first time, however, some people venture into their destroyed residence to retrieve valuables, mats and pillows to sleep.
A few did not leave.
Mohammed Muzaki, 60year-
One of them is an old construction worker.
But looking at the remains of his home, he was frustrated.
\"In order to rebuild it, we have to dismantle everything,\" he said . \".
\"There is no other way.
We can\'t do this anymore.
Muzaki motioned his elderly father. in-
Lying in bed
The old man was injured by concrete falling in the earthquake, and a needle was sewn on his forehead.
The clinic that was treated told to leave because they were overwhelmed by other patients.
Rafikah and her husband Mulfi Rusiana returned to the ruins of their own home on Tuesday, hoping to find valuables or even clothes to change from what they have been wearing for four days.
They only found a little.
The earthquake destroyed their TV, refrigerators, plates and glasses.
When asked when he was able to rebuild their home, Rusiana said it was impossible.
\"We cannot do this without the help of the government.
We don\'t have enough money.
Rafikah said that despite the loss they suffered, she appreciated that they were all safe.
\"You can buy something new and replace what you have lost . \"
\"But you can\'t replace your family.
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