Reception greenhouses - Shed the reception should be how to decorate?

by:COSCO     2020-09-20
Reception greenhouse is actually held wedding, birthday party tents marquees will be used in etiquette celebration awning room, which is in the majority with wedding ceremony. 1 - general wedding present cycle 2 days, so in choosing a wedding banquet to prepare amply greenhouses. After the wedding banquet frame tent to buy back to build good, be about to consider how to decorate. Next, in the wedding, for example, let our professional tent company show you know the reception for greenhouses how should decorate: ( 中远- Reception greenhouses) One, after all the framework profiles set up good, we need to choose their want of tarpaulin. has a variety of color optional: white, red, and transparent color. In sunny days a comfortable temperature, we recommend transparent cloth, because the transparent tent can let you feel the outside world, allowing you to harmony with nature, this is not a kind of romantic feelings. Second, the second is the choice of theme and color. Now many newcomers will for their own themes and colors to choose a tents wedding dress up his wedding. Themes can choose according to his be fond of or special, common wedding main color has red, white, pink, light blue, purple, etc. , choose any one color can make you look more fantastic and romantic wedding. Select the main colors to dress up wedding outside, still need to use some cloth curtain, lighting, ribbons, carpet and other decoration, using gold, silver, red, or an elegant and short black and white color for your wedding greenhouses for ornament. Three, lighting problem. General wedding activities such as the main hold time in the evening, so light is the main means to create a romantic atmosphere and methods. In order to make you shed look tall on the reception, you need to configure enough light. On the market at present the most mainstream is neon lights and some sparkling lights. Do the above three points, again through some other arrangement to adorn itself. Believe you shed the reception will be arranged very romantic. If you need other style wedding frame tent, please contact us, let us the answer for you.
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