Rwanda marks 25th anniversary of genocide with 100 days of mourning

by:COSCO     2019-08-15
On Sunday, Rwanda began 100 days of mourning for more than 800,000 people killed in a world-shattering genocide, 25 years before the massacre began.
President Paul Kagame will ignite a memorial flame at the genocide memorial in Kigali to begin a week-long memorial. More than 250,000 victims are believed to have been buried at the Kigali Genocide Memorial, mainly from
They were just some of the people killed by members of the genocide Hutu forces, the old army known as the \"Interahamwe\" and militia forces, who started a bloody death campaign on April 7, 1994, the day after President juvenal Habyarimana was assassinated, a Hutu. Some were shot;
Most people were beaten or wounded by machetes.
Until the 36-year-old Kagame led the Rwanda Patriotic Front, mainly Tusi (RPF)
It entered Kigali on July 4, ending the massacre and controlling the affected countries.
Kagame, 61, has been in power since then and will lead the memorial to mourn the dead.
After lighting the flame, Kagame is expected to deliver an important speech at the Kigali Convention Center
The circular auditorium in the center of the capital is a modern building that symbolizes the revival of Rwanda since the dark hours of 1994.
Kagame will then host the vigil at the country\'s main football stadium.
National Stadium of Amahoro-
In Kinyarwanda, Rwanda, his name means \"peace\"
During the genocide, the United Nations used it to protect thousands of Tusi ethnic minorities from being slaughtered on the streets outside.
Over the past few years, the ceremony has triggered painful memories of some viewers who cry, tremble, scream and faint in a quiet vigil.
For many survivors, forgiveness is still difficult when the bodies of their loved ones are not found and many killers are still free.
25 years later, the East African country has recovered economically, but the trauma is still in the shadow.
Kagame has maintained dictatorship in leading the small inland country to economic recovery.
The growth in 2018 was exciting.
According to the African Development Bank (AfDB).
Some 10 leaders are expected to pay tribute, most of them from countries on the African continent.
Former colonial rulers of Belgium will send Prime Minister Michel to Belgium.
But French President Emmanuel Macron did not attend, and Hervey Berwell, 29, represented France.
Member of the Paris parliament.
Rwanda blamed the French for supporting the Hutu people in the genocide.
The government that helped the perpetrators escape.
Although former French President Nicolas Sarkozy admitted in 2010 that France had made a \"serious judgment mistake\", Paris has denied involvement in the bloodshed.
On Friday, Macron appointed a panel of experts to investigate France\'s behavior at the time.
Macron is not the only one absent.
While Kigali accused Uganda of supporting the rebels in Rwanda, former ally Ugandan President Museveni did not attend.
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