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Said the ordinary tents set up method

by:COSCO     2020-09-08
All kinds of tents usage is different, I said the first method of ordinary tents. First choose camp, account inside the tent flat out on the floor, Ordinary is the internal account, but there are some first hang up external accounts in drill to account within, the criterion is the layer in which need to wear a tent pole) , take out the folding tent pole to be tall straight, with a long stem, according to illustrate a book that wear into the tent curtain rod set above, common tent is cross tees. After two rod wear well. Every Angle of rod inserted into the tent on the holes, and then two people hold activities two heads at the same time, the rod top in the net, make the tent arch rise, keep to the side of the head is inserted into the holes, inserted, the shape of the tent is, the curtain rod with tied at once, you will be able to a hand holding a monster ( Actually very light) According to the fiscus first. Then choose the direction of the door, will be able to fix the tent to the ground. The four corners of the land use nail, hook, ring into the soil, the account to make bottom unfolded, the whole tent sacks bulging at the seams. Now beginning to hang outside account, the account open, outside, account, to pay more attention to the account, account outside the door can be in one direction, four angles on the four corners of which account ( In the position of the curtain rod around, you can find in the middle of the hang) Outside, also have a plenty of take account of the four corners and four corners around land nailing, account. See account whether there are hanging ring to nail nails, will let the account also sacks bulging at the seams, and didn't stick in the middle of the account, so that the fish, the account will not wet, and by breathing, morning outside account would be a layer of dew or frost, don't stick also won't get wet in the bill, but there are bad tent frost will be squared, ah, in that case, the early move, it's going to snow in a frame tent: - ( , of course, the weather is good, don't hang outside the bill also pretty comfortable.
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