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Senior kingbox folding tent opened the way you learned? ( Awning] Via | | advertising tent factory, umbrella factory, awning manufacturer, model gas arch manufacturer - Awning priced in the preferential!

by:COSCO     2020-12-01
Coscotent of many new customers in receiving kingbox advanced folding tent, did not know how to open the installation, will call advisory coscotent, although coscotent customer service will answer one by one, but still small make up in this universal to the kingbox advanced folding tent installation instructions. Many novice in by senior kingbox folding tent want to open it all do not know how to start, are often use brute force to open folding tent. But this is wrong, can get the frame tent frame breaking, so for the folding tent, useless. Actually open approach is not difficult to learn to folding tent, 1. Will corners tent away 50%, don't use brute force strong, there may be times when some screens stuck, then will check, make sure good not stuck can open. 2. Get on top of cloth, kingbox advanced folding tent materals you pull into the shape of the quadrangle, dig out the magic on the outside, grabbing at two corners, to cast a pull up to the tents, tarpaulins in the tent frame, so easily, then frame tent center to the tent frame, the corners of the four angles of it on the tent materals Velcro position stick better. 3. Kingbox first advanced folding tent as far as possible to a larger, then people can walk into the center of the shelf, push up with both hands, so that it can be a very good prepare for the next step to open folding tents, then turn every Angle card buckle, with arms up to resist first corner position, take a tent with her hands on the direction of the drop-down, so it is easy to put the card to QQ, the same steps to fix the other three angles. 4. Will the corners of the leg adjust height, buckled, reach a certain height will automatically check can be used without problems.
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