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Set up exhibition tent what key points to note

by:COSCO     2020-09-13
In huts, as the exhibition use to pick good location, direction, and the protection of the late use, etc. , are all exhibition tent set up using the key, on the establishment of the pavilion, there are several key is needs pay attention to, the following is about the exhibition tent set up pay attention to the key. Pavilion should pick the establishment of the right direction, generally choose the south, so the first time in the sun is out can according to the inside the pavilion, make the whole show relative filled with sunshine, businesses can show their products as soon as possible. Besides direction choose to correctly should also choose horizon open local building, take around buildings set up local, so perhaps to also see the sun at noon, if it is in qiu dong season can appear such local chill, meeting the effect of natural Clinton. Exhibition tent materals selection are fastidious, tarpaulins selection considering the optical function demand, now in the market the main products are divided into shading frame tent and half shading tent. Its effect is one can filter out most of the ultraviolet ray, prevent internal objects fade, 2 it is the natural light has must of light transmittance, diffuse light transmission within the structure of the attack, no shadow, no glare, night lights shining announced that natural soft light, a person be intoxicated more. The establishment of the general exhibition tent rental will pick half shading tent light permeability good, won't appear particularly depressed. Pavilion structure also want to pay attention to, can't choose too coarse structure, if the attack collapse destroyed simple cuts, coarse structure will also keep out the light, affect visual result. About pavilion in front of the building was chosen to establish position demand, so to be able to well over the establishment of the exhibition tent, welcome in the pavilion building elements that can refer to our established in the building.
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