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by:COSCO     2020-07-09
The construction of green houses with container containers is sweeping the world.
Recycled freight containers bring efficiency, flexibility and affordability to innovative green buildings.
Containers are ideal building materials in many ways, as they are sturdy and durable, stackable, cut-able, movable, modular, rich and relatively cheap.
They can be easily modified with a range of comfortable creatures, and can be connected and stacked to create a modular, efficient space, a fraction of the cost, labor, and more traditional material resources.
It is not surprising that architects and laymen use them to build houses, offices, apartments, schools, dormitories, artist studios, emergency shelters and many other buildings.
Over the past decade, the abundant and relatively cheap containers have come from imported manufactured goods.
Imported goods are shipped from Asia to North America, to a lesser extent from Europe, and containers usually have to be flown back by air (\\\"deadhead\\\")
The cost is quite large.
Buying new containers in China and elsewhere in Asia and trying to find new apps for old containers that reach North American cargo destinations will usually be cheaper.
Due to the balance of trade in the United States, these steel boxes are piled up in ports across the country and cause storage problems.
Some architects and builders use this surplus to recycle containers.
Houses made of these containers are stronger than traditional houses because they resist \"lateral loads\"-
Seen in hurricanes and earthquakes-
Because the steel base is welded into steel.
The roof is strong enough to support the extra weight of the green roof
Vegetation grows on it
If the owner wants it.
The life of the cargo container for the original purpose is about 20 years, and the life is unlimited when fixed and maintained.
In general, it is a good thing to recycle materials that were not otherwise used further, and for containers, of course, that is true.
Founded in 2001, the Kalkin House at the Sherborne Museum, formerly known as the collector\'s House, is a contemporary architectural work created by Adam Kalkin. Three trans-
Marine containers define the interior space of two containers
Prefabricated structure of layers.
The 20 \\ \'x 80 \\\' metal building commonly used in the warehouse is the housing of the house.
Outstanding Interior designer Albert Hadley has collaborated on the original design of the building.
Features include oversized glass garage door, metal grille balcony and double
Create stories of courtyard space outdoor curtains.
Kalkin House is a gallery for special exhibitions of contemporary design.
In 2009, New York textile designer Richard Saja transformed his cheeky sense of humor and sophisticated style into a 19th-century salon, incorporating his tradition of \"historically inaccurate\" features.
In many ways, containers are ideal building materials.
They are designed to carry heavy objects and support heavy objects when stacked in high columns.
They can also resist harsh environments.
They are transported globally by ocean-going vessels, or they can be covered by road salt during road transport.
The modareall containers are in the same standard size, so they provide modular elements that can be combined into a larger structure.
This simplifies design, planning and transportation.
Since they have been designed to be interlocked in order to facilitate movement during transportation, the construction of the structure can be completed simply by arranging them.
Due to the modular design of the container, the extra structure is as easy as stacking more containers.
They can pile up to 12 high when they are empty. TransportPre-
Prefabricated modules can also be easily transported by ship, truck or rail as they already meet the standard shipping size.
Used containers are available all over the world.
If a company or country receives more containers than it ships in the return direction, these containers do not have a real use because it is not cost-effective to return empty containers to their origin.
Costadt used containers are low cost compared to other manually built finished structures
Intensive means such as bricks and mortar
This also requires a bigger and more expensive Foundation.
The building is hardly labor-related, and only a simple modification is required to purchase used containers from major transport companies for $1,200 per person.
Even with brand new products, they rarely cost more than $6000.
The shape and standard size of the container make the house easy to expand.
You can add more containers as needed from an early age. Hurricane-
ProofEither single unit or multiple unit connections that can withstand winds of 175 miles per hour on the foundation, or when easily anchored with a hanger, can withstand hourly. . .
Very strong in a tornado or hurricane. Earthquake-
Even in a direct hit, he might have let my body roll a little, but certainly not crash.
This will be the perfect safety cocoon in the earthquake.
It will be at least 100 times safer and stronger than the traditional housing structure.
\"But I don\'t like how they look. \\\"That\\\'s okay!
Container houses don\'t have to look like containers!
The outside can be done with a variety of materials, so you don\'t even know it\'s made in containers.
The house has been finished with aluminum siding.
They use \"Super Therm\", a ceramic paint made of Minnesota premium products, rather than a wall panel nailed to the house above;
It can be used as a paint, adhesive, insulator, fireproof material and sound barrier.
With this ceramic paint, they claim that the insulation is equivalent to a traditional house.
This Bob Vera video shows a super hot demo of a container plant.
You can also spray the container with papercrete to paint the container.
London\'s Container City I & ii is located in the heart of London\'s Docklands and was the original container city project.
Container City I was completed in 5 months in 2001, initially 3 stories high, offering 12 studios of 4,800 square feet.
After the high demand, the fourth floor was added and three additional living/working apartments were provided.
In addition to the very economical and efficient container city, I am also friendly to the environment and more than 80% of the buildings are built from recycled materials.
The Container City II, as the second phase of the original container city project of Sany float terminal, is the extension and evolution of the first building.
Adjacent to the Container City I, there are
Completed in 2002, Container City II connects bridges, new elevators and fully disabled access, with 22 additional studios on the fifth floor.
Compared to Phase 1, Container City II is a trendy ziggurat shape drawn in bright colors to reflect the creativity of the people working here.
Is it just a fashion to visit the container city and return to TopAre these houses or is it a viable housing option?
Making container houses greener: Rainwater harvesting wind turbine panels green roof plants nurseries recycled wood, what do you think about container houses?
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