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Storage and what are the advantages of awning room

by:COSCO     2020-09-03
In daily life, a lot of logistics inventory and business inventories are selected storage awning room, solve the problem of the storage of goods, the actual use of the frame tent of space for the benefits of unrestricted freedom and installation site, and can do good storage aspects of each partition, because of tent is belong to the temporary building for storage, and traditional than warehouse, out of various fixed elements, will be temporary, coordination ability, can be mobile three big characteristics reflect comfortable. At this point, also can learn more about the storage of awning room several advantages. As follows: 1, internal bearing column occupies a space, storage and the advantage of awning room there is a maximum use of space, according to the different USES of site situation steel or fixed bearing turf, has the good wind resistance. Awning room space utilization, can free warehouse space areas, allocate available warehouse space. 2, not the role of internal limitations. Storage of awning room internal spirit and solid and movable awning room, and are free to remove, in the frame tent under the condition of moderate height with the internal space is large, is the storage room can serve as a store of large and medium-sized machinery and equipment. Such as all kinds of machinery and equipment can store. 3, highly integrated, intelligent security, practical, and complete. Built in easily take down quickly at the same time, can form a complete set of integrated access control, security, power supply, heating, ventilation and other supporting equipment, safe and convenient. All kinds of equipment required to be able to form a complete set of warehouse, solve the problem of season the warehouse. To solve the storage between various brings hidden trouble. 4, fire prevention, waterproof measures to guarantee the safety of manufacturers supporting the awning room properly, configuration is also ready to comprehensive, in storage, reduce the various security hidden danger. It seems that the four advantages of warehousing awning room, many places are heavily used to storage, awning room for storage of awning room construction cost low, save the cost, and can be recycled, belongs to the frame tent, for environmental protection is not only the business enterprise inside the tent is also a green awning room for storage, use between effect, are very popular, for various enterprises can solve the problem of environmental protection and storage. If you are looking for 'storage and what are the advantages of awning room' have any doubt can contact our website online customer service, will serve you the first time. We always adhere to: integrity-based, quality first, the independent innovation;
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