Storage - awning room Enterprise uneven season inventory, warehousing awning room to help you

by:COSCO     2020-09-24
For businesses, always meet the off-season and busy season of a year. Especially like '6. 18 '' 11. 11 'electricity peak, for manufacturing or logistics industry, the warehousing system will always have a big test. And storage of awning room, a blessing to many enterprises. Warehousing awning room, relative to traditional architecture has the flexibility, mobility, and there's no need to go through the formalities for examination and approval of the relevant, in building removal are more convenient and quick, especially suitable for a short period of time to solve the problem of warehousing enterprises. ( - for says there Warehousing awning room) Industrial warehouse tent, logistics greenhouses for temporary frame tent are mobility, can meet the different needs of enterprises short-term or long-term, especially some large enterprises, raw materials and finished products, semi-finished products, and many other items need to store, warehouse tent will be for you. Says there as a professional frame tent manufacturer, for the storage shed produced by using large span structures of the net, span up to 3 - 50 m, and the internal WuZhiZhu, can realize storage area to good use; Length can be according to the multiples of 3 or 5 meters unlimited extension, better match your storage requirements. framework profiles for aluminum alloy frame, not only appearance is beautiful and easy, convenient and cheaper, more can effectively guarantee the stability of the tent. If there are any need storage and large enterprises, says there could be in the shortest possible time for you to build the most safe and beautiful warehouse awning room, such as square meters, about 7 days to build a complete, timely solve your urgent needs. In addition, if you still want to know about other such as tent, exhibition frame tent for tents wedding can contact says there, we will be 24 hours service for you, give you the choice of an economical and practical, cost-effective!
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