Storage shed - To count the four characteristics of storage shed

by:COSCO     2020-09-24
Use of storage shed, in recent years, more and more high, but specific application or differences in various fields. The most common storage shed is mainly used for warehouse, temporary workshop, logistics and other fields, particularly flexible and convenient use. Compared with the traditional warehouse warehouse, storage shed dripping wet all embody of it. ( 中远- Storage shed) Let professional tent company take you count for storage shed four features: features a: convenient for storage and transport. USES unit assembly structure, frame storage shed for aluminum profile, stabilize safe and beautiful. Tarpaulin for high strength synthetic double PVC tarpaulin, fire waterproof sunscreen. Remove the smaller after more convenient for storage and transportation. The traditional storage architecture is not eligible for this feature. Flow characteristics of the two: space using the '. Unlike traditional warehouses, storage shed is commonly adopts the design of large span structures of the net inside the frame tent without any support, can make one hundred percent of the use of the space. Both forklift trucks and other large equipment can be convenient pass in and out, has no influence. And in space can be according to the requirements of customers, indefinitely. Three characteristics: flexible, internal function is unlimited. Storage shed in addition to its own architecture, still can use the facilities to achieve more functionality. Such as hardware wall, sandwich board, doors, and even more professional equipment. Can do warehouse therefore storage shed is not only, still can do temporary workshop, logistics, greenhouses, and even the dressing rooms, store between content and so on, not just like traditional warehouse used to store products. Features four: effectively solve the season storage problem. Storage shed is applicable to a variety of occasions, along with a very flexible. In season, many manufacturers will face the warehouse problem, this time using a good storage shed is able to handle your problem very well. The above is the main characteristics of storage shed in industrial applications, take a quick, low cost, short construction period, high level of appearance, can be recycled, optimize the warehouse operation, effectively reduce the cost of corporate spending. If you also have this aspect demand, welcomed the consultation, we will provide you with a design scheme of high quality and low price.
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