Structure tent

Cosco Tent provides structure tents with various specifications and sizes. We can design, manufacture, sell, and install tents for customers to meet their customized requirements.

We adopt hard pressed extruded aluminum and stainless steel as the main materials for forming the structure, the product, therefore, has the advantages of high flexibility, high impact strength, hardness, and good wear resistance. The product is tested to expand a certain length and a different span including 40m, 50m, and 60m can be offered. As for the roof cover, double PVC coated polyester textile is adopted to make sure the waterproof, flame retardant, and UV resistant performance of the product. The product can be manufactured to be of large and small size such as large party tents, big wedding tents. The small tent adopts hot-dip galvanized steel connectors and all the parts are interchangeable. By adopting the bar tensioning system for the cover, the small tent is safer and more stable and can resist up to 100km/hour of the wind power. With the small volume and fewer components, the small tent can be installed easily without the help of the heavy-duty machines and is storage-friendly. Thanks to the modularized structure, it only demands a short installation period and is easy to disassembly. In addition, the frame and connectors are all made of aluminum alloy, which are totally rust-proof.

Cosco structure tent is widely used in large-scale outdoor activities like celebration activities, dinner parties, fashion shows, garden parties, sports events, and so on. Big wedding tents are hot sale series in recent years.

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