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Summer TV full of sin, sand and sizzle

by:COSCO     2019-08-20
We know that all good things have to end, but the pain of retreat can be very painful when saying goodbye to the favorite TV show involved.
Get some relief ready.
Summer is far from the television wasteland.
Vibrant beach bags in the new series-
Thriller, comedy, romantic, real and fantasy
I will try to satisfy before your favorite things come back in the fall.
Here are five aspects to help you survive:m.
Sunday of Life
Premiere on June 23): If you miss the Desperate Housewives, help is on the way --domestic help.
Two names in the former ABC hit show
Stars and creators
At the helm of this Suby drama, it follows five Beverly Hills maids, all the Latins, all the eyes are easy and have an agenda.
Its funny rhythm and funny tone remind people of \"Housewives\", just like the bonds of these ladies on issues;
Most of them come from insensitive employers here.
Like its predecessor, this hour contains a mystery.
When a maid who was fooling around with the owner was stabbed to death, the other maid began to play detective.
A bit of weight to this sudsy drama is powerful actors, including and. (9 p. m. Mondays, ABC;
Monday): according to a British drama of the same name, this new candy focuses on four female friends in Los Angeles who have achieved great success in their chosen career, but it\'s a bit confusing in romance.
While there is no \"Sex and City\", this sudser does have its moments, especially when our beautiful and stylish girl becomes playful between the sheets.
Probably the most famous name here, but her name is smaller. known co-
The stars are stronger than abilities.
It\'s fluffy, of course, but the storyline is fun enough to make it addictive. (9 p. m. Mondays, CBS;
June 24): You can\'t help but sit up and pay attention when the story comes from the master of horror.
This series of adaptations brings us back to his favorite environment, Maine, where a small town is suddenly isolated from the rest of the world by a huge transparent dome.
Residents were forced to deal with surviving
In search of answers to the strange dome, the conditions of revelation within the barrier --
Where does it come from and when can they get rid of it.
Most actors are not known, but fans of bad news will realize
Strong, aka \"bad\" Hank, as someone who seems to have hidden some important secrets. (9 p. m.
Sunday, screening time;
June 30): in this sharp new drama, the film actor has been eager for more \"scandals\" to play a male version of Olivia Pope, and only he has solved the problem in Los Angeles. A. rather than D. C. As a well-
Ray Donovan paid for the rich and the famous, and he gave his clients the pain at all costs.
It doesn\'t seem to put enough pressure on his family, his dangerous ex.
The swindler\'s father invaded his world again, causing more damage.
Actors alone-
Make this attractive. (9 p. m.
NBC on Wednesday;
July 10): make a typical summer introduction-
An interesting drama on the family holiday scene
Not so typical is the role of an Australian actor in the main character \"below six feet.
She plays McKenzie, the director and owner of a Midwest destination called \"little otters family camp,\" which serves adventurous children, naughty teenagers and stressed people
Parents who want to decompress through gin and tonic.
While trying to make this experience interesting, the newly divorced boss struggles with his own economic and romantic plight in this lively performance filmed in Australia. (7 p. m. Thursdays, TNT;
Thursday): Dwayne \"The Rock\" Johnson challenged nine people on this new reality show to release their inner champions in unusual circumstances. (8 p. m. Thursdays, TNT;
Thursday): The contestant of the \"Survivor\"
The type reality show is stored in the wilderness with only one bottle of water, a GPS device and a quest to find a box full of $100,000. (9 p. m.
Thursday to Saturday): Lovers of Walking Dead will want to see this moving 3
Night shoot zombie trends, introducing us to a zombie teenager (actually one of many people here with partial death syndrome) who is reintegrated into the embrace of the local community and family. (9 p. m. Thursdays, USA;
Thursday): Don\'t let the title fool you;
The show has nothing to do with Elvis Presley, and it has nothing to do with a group of attractive undercover agents (including) doing everything about drug crimesand surf —
Together in the picturesque Southern California. (8 p. m.
Syfy on Saturday;
Saturday): The British series tells the story of legendary but flawed hero Sinbad (Elliot Knight), who started an epic journey at sea, led to the role played by \"Lost\" with his nemesis. (9 p. m.
Syfy on Saturday;
Saturday): animal experts and scientists investigate supernatural events while fighting prehistoric and future creatures. (9 p. m. Mondays, TNT;
June 10): incorporate their private detective talents in this eye-catching sexy detective series. (8 p. m.
Tuesday of the ABC Family;
June 11): charm 16-year-
Five years after killing her aunt, the old (Avan Jogia) returned home to reunite with his mom () and friends who supported him, who suspected him to be behind the school murders(8 p. m. Sundays, ABC;
June 23): 13 amateur detectives tried to solve the mystery of murder in this reality game and won a prize of $250,000. (9 p. m. Sundays, NBC;
June 23): member of an elite task force against global criminals. (8 p. m. Mondays, NBC;
July 8): New Adventure
Reality show series \"people and people\"
Wild\'s \"Grylls\" led a journey to extreme survival, testing two of the 10 teams on New Zealand\'s treacherous Island. (9 p. m. Wednesdays, FX;
July 10): when a judge known for his tough stance on immigration was found dead on a bridge connecting Texas and Mexico, an El Paso police detective formed a team with an officer from the border to investigate. (7 p. m. Tuesdays, CW;
July 16): The old impromptu comedy romp was updated, but will still be the main characters of Staples Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin mochry before. (9 p. m.
BBC on Wednesday; Aug.
Two detectives with different styles-
David tanant (Doctor Who) and Olivia Coleman
Investigate the murder of a young boy in the English seaside town.
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