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taxpayers dish out $54,000 for mar-a-lago party tents for new year\'s eve

by:COSCO     2019-08-30
Whether President Donald Trump finally decides to party with supporters on New Year\'s Evea-
According to government spending records, taxpayers have paid $54,000 in tents for the celebration.
The bill for the party frame tent has been taken away by the public, although as the president refused to sign spending measures to close the party government, thousands of federal workers were unemployed until billions of dollars were included in building his border wall.
Grimes event & party frame tent Co. , Ltd.
In December, $54,020 was paid at Delray Beach in Florida.
According to the expenditure records disclosed by quartz, the Secret Service provides services for the \"MAL rental frame tent.
The Secret Service often uses tents for safety inspections and arranges safe locations for VIPs.
An employee at Grimes told Quartz: \"We are providing tents for them --a-
Yes, Lago New Year\'s Eve party.
\"We pay for security in March --a-
Lago New Year\'s Eve party during the Trump administration\'s closure.
The Secret Service can continue to provide the necessary security during the expiration of the allocation, but Trump has decided that government officials need to serve him. profit event. Shameless!
In December, the Secret Service also paid $41,000.
\"The BSE performance of MAL\'s generator and light tower rental.
\"But it\'s not clear if the spending is just for the party.
Trump gave up his planned Christmas holiday in Marcha-
Largo stayed at the White House as the government closed.
Mick muwani, who is about to become the acting chief of staff of the president, said on \"Fox and Friends\" on Friday that Trump \"canceled the new year plan\" on March \"--a-Lago.
However, the president still has time to change his mind.
But Trump must consider pleasing himself.
Due to the dismissal or unpaid work of federal staff, the payment of golf club members runs counter to the \"optics\" of luxury banquets.
TheSecret service is one of the institutions that ran out of funds at midnight on December. 21.
Last year, the Secret Service spent more than $26,000 renting lights, generators, tables and tents for the New Year\'s party on March --a-
According to toNewsweek, Lago. Non-
Members of the resort will pay $1,000 for the party on March-a-
Lago and members paid $650.
After Trump became president, the cost of joining the club soared from $100,000 to $200,000.
Quartz reported last month that the Secret Service has spent about $400,000 on golf to protect the president\'s golf.
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