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by:COSCO     2020-09-26
Say to the temporary tent, just as its name implies is to be able to alleviate the awning room of customer demand in a short time. Temporary tent is applicable to many industries, for the most common is the temporary industrial warehouse tent. can solve enterprise for temporary storage warehouse in peak season demand shock, the set up time is short, fast and convenient, and set up is not restricted by geographical conditions. Such a temporary frame tent sale price for how many money? If is to choose the tent rental for temporary storage, how to offer? Temporary storage awning room has good flexibility, stability and security, can be finished according to the different periods of demand structures, disassembly of awning room in the warehouse. About the tent house is for sale or rental price quotation, need specific consulting relevant tent manufacturing companies, because each company's material, manpower and facilities, etc. There are some differences, so the price is not fixed. ( - for says there Temporary tent) for industrial warehouse Changzhou says there as a professional tent manufacturer, can according to customer's requirements tailored exclusive of the temporary tent, in addition to the following features: 1. Temporary frame tent span can choose 3 - 50 m, the length of the infinite extension in multiples of 3 or 5; 2. Temporary storage shed high strength aluminum alloy frame profile, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, long service life, light disassembling and transportation; 3. Temporary tent to take for large span structures of the net, middle WuZhiZhu, forklifts and other heavy machinery easy access, can fully use of space; 4. Temporary awning room facilities complete, cloth curtain, air conditioning, lamps, carpets, etc, also equipped with a drainage, lightning protection system; 5. Temporary awning room wide application, can also be used for workshop greenhouses, logistics, greenhouses, temporary workshop, etc. Says there new temporary tent, for industrial warehouse fast moving your warehouse and let warehouse more easier then also save money. Economic, beautiful, flexible features can meet the demand of you constantly improve the production and storage. Whether you are choosing a temporary tent rental or direct purchase, we are able to provide you with a good solution.
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