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tent companies tap into a suite kind of hospitality

by:COSCO     2020-06-25
In the crazy race, greasy tires are replaced, dust flies around at the stop point of the Long Beach Grand Prix, and the outdoor hospitality suite for the event is a plush toy, elegant oasis black artificial turf and sheets.
The waitress stopped to provide refreshments as during the three days of the competition, corporate VIPs were gossiping and found the perfect vantage point on the elevated platform protected by wind and potential showers.
Few people even noticed that they had gathered in a 10-foot-
The high canvas tent was removed within hours of the last lap.
Creating a comfortable and unique environment is important for the organizers of events such as Grand Prix because of these high
Kevin O\'Brien, president of marketing and sales at Long Beach Grand Prix, said profile production was sponsored by the company.
In return, these companies want their executives and guests to enjoy the privilege.
As a result, tent companies that provide these temporary shelters are becoming more and more popular, offering more than just canvas curtains to outdoor event producers.
\"The hospitality of the business is done in a very elegant environment.
You can enjoy the environment in the preferred facilities such as the stadium and the arena.
\"But the Grand Prix is in the city center, on the street,\" O\'Brien said . \".
When a tent company can dress up outdoors, \"they make our work a lot easier.
\"At the Long Beach Grand Prix, employees from Torrance
Ten days before the start of the game, Aztec tents and events began to build about 450 tents, covering an area of 150,000 square feet.
The workers also installed 170,000 square feet of Astroturf, 15,000 chairs, 2,000 tables and 5,000 pieces of silverware.
The hotel\'s business suites are located in a red and white striped tent, which is 800 feet long and 20 feet wide.
\"The tent here is very conspicuous.
On 1986, Aztec President Chuck Miller said: \"The Grand Prix is the first time we have ever held a big event . \".
The popularity of the competition has brought the company\'s growth in the field of party event equipment rental to $11 now. 5-
He said millions of companies also produce tents based on annual income.
Miller declined to disclose the amount of his contract with the Grand Prix.
Other contracts for Aztec include installation 72,000square-
Raytheon\'s tent
Last year, in the company\'s El Segundo factory parking lot, when defense contractors wanted to celebrate the new contract on a massive scale.
The cost of renting tents was $150,000 that day, providing shelter for President Bush and others.
It costs $850,000 to buy tents of the same size.
Aztec solved the problems encountered by another event planner at the upcoming world dignitaries conference in Cabo San Lucas, allowing the designer to design a completely symmetrical table and the head of the tent table.
Aztec\'s clients range from sports events like tennis, racing and golf to business fairs, trade fairs, new
Car trips and, of course, backyard weddings. \"[ companies]
\"Basically bringing outdoor weddings to n degrees is good for us,\" said James Leitz, vice president of IMG . \" A San Francisco-based national sports production company that hosts large outdoor events such as extreme sports competitions, the annual beach party at Hermosa Beach and the United StatesS.
Surf Huntington Beach.
\"We laughed because we were basically super big party planners,\" Leitz said . \".
\"No circus tent, no party is complete.
When you have a sporting event like a grand prix or a tennis tournament, it\'s basically three games.
Circus anyway.
\"All the circus kings have college tents and canvas.
Los Angeles-
Companies owned by Tom Shapiro and Murray rice have built over 700,000 square feet of rented tents for the recent Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.
As one of the top tent manufacturers in the United States, the company has found unexpected sales channels.
Rice said the development of stronger canvas and stronger frames is opening up a new area of growth:
Permanent storage space.
Companies that may need additional temporary space would rather rent tents than build new buildings, he said.
\"They \'ve always been festive and we \'ve had a lot of sporting events, but now you have people you need for a long time --
\"Temporary spaces also use them,\" says Rice, a computer company that uses tents to store hardware.
For others, the tent simply continues as a shade and extra special touch to allow outdoor activities to be completed.
\"The days and appearance of the frame tent envoy have become better,\" Leitz said . \"
\"They give people an event personality in their shape and the arch that dominates.
Sometimes just for beauty.
Roof line under the blue sky frame tent--we hope--looks great.
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