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Tent - for warehouse What are the characteristics of industrial warehouse tent?

by:COSCO     2020-09-03
For businesses, sales season, warehouse inventory has become important liquid assets of the enterprise. And if there is no warehouse, an enterprise for its own products, also is a kind of invisible harm, think of things after the wind rain who will pay? So at that time, the warehouse of awning room appear for each big enterprise solved this difficult problem, the role of all too clear. ( 中远- Warehouse awning room) Awning room also is often referred to as warehouse awning room, is a kind of temporary buildings, temporary tent, can be used as a warehouse, can also be used as a production workshop, logistics, greenhouses and so on. Warehouse awning room generally a word canopy room, the use of large span structures of the net, can span from 3 m to 50 m, the length can be multiple infinite extension of 3 m or 5 m. And internal WuZhiZhu, can achieve very high space utilization, such as forklift trucks and other large machinery and equipment can be in and out of the free. ( Says there warehouse awning room) When it comes to industrial warehouse tent, have to mention its several features: a, warehouse awning room with mobility, flexibility, and security at the same time, can according to the needs of the enterprises to expand or reduce, tear open a convenient; Second, the tent adaptable for warehouse, is not very tall to the requirement of environment, the ground of the general can be set up. Even the ordinary grass, concrete, etc all can build; Three, warehouse awning room daylighting sex good, can save a lot of power consumption cost. General warehouse tent is mainly composed of aluminum alloy frame structures equipped with tarpaulins, and tarpaulins have good pervious to light quality, do not need lighting to see during the day. Good tarpaulins, of course, if you need a shading effect, can also choose to opaque tarpaulins to achieve results. Four, warehouse awning room has good heat preservation effect, can generally to store items have the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation. Used as a warehouse storage shed generally adopts double insulation materials, can also be used to as a mobile use refrigerated warehouse. Says there as a professional production build warehouse frame tent awning room for manufacturing company, has the characteristics of above. main structure for industrial warehouses and says there is a hollow aluminum alloy and high strength steel parts, adjustable base can cater to all kinds of uneven ground, roof coating double PVC on the synthetic fiber cloth, tearing resistance, waterproof, uv protection, flame retardant, B1 DIN 4102 / gb8642) 。 If you also have this aspect demand, welcome call consulting says there, we will provide you with a suitable warehouse awning room design.
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