Tent manufacturer for interpretation of structures, the difficulty of spherical awning room is '+' or '- ”

by:COSCO     2020-08-26
factory after years of building experience, summed up the uniqueness and advantages of the two tents of spherical, and brought the demand on various business activities, in the construction of the professional technology, set up tent difficulty for spherical is positive or negative. We take a look at. In general, the spherical structures, is not difficult, the different diameter of the spherical awning room, on the set up the time it takes to will be different, like 5 meters in diameter of the spherical tent just 2 people can spend about two hours, completing 7 meters diameter 5 personal 2 hours to complete, 9 meters in diameter of spherical tents are probably need seven people spent 3 hours. And this technology is very simple setup, the client can can be finished. Is also very with ease. And 10 meters or more than 10 meters of the diameter of the spherical awning room, will need to use crane, and construction professionals to the area to build, increasing the number of construction, has increased the structures of all kinds of needs, are generally according to the actual situation and decide. That is easy to see the spherical tent structures, methods: 1, prepare tent all parts for spherical, classified according to component model, casetek, tent before delivery will be required for spherical object allocation is good! 2, then according to the spherical diameter size determine a circle in the ground of the need to build, and then determine the position of the spherical tent door! 3, and the next begins with a selected the location of the door just now, according to the building here with the corresponding profile first circle tube fixed base, then begin the first layer of the triangle structure of the building! 4, according to the building here, each position to choose the corresponding pipe, round will triangle structure is installed on each floor, and then to complete the installation of the pipe roof! 5, with the professional crane will be at the top of the tent to lift, tarpaulins edges with rope pull, will be the top cover and pull into the frame tent, will matter can tarpaulins corner, spherical awning room from 5 meters to 70 meters in diameter, casetek, can easily complete the installation set up! See tent structures, methods for the spherical, know every step is simple, and is one of the most popular in the modern outdoor temporary a spherical awning room. If you are looking for 'tent manufacturer on structures, the difficulty of spherical awning room is' + 'or' - '' what question can contact our website online customer service, will serve you the first time. We always adhere to: integrity-based, quality first, the independent innovation;
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