Tent structure characteristics of simple structure and convenient show closed overview

by:COSCO     2020-08-28
is early by wartime needs, military tents, since it has strong and durable, material is appropriate, the cost is not high, adapt to all kinds of terrain, also become the tents, construction engineering type of choice for tents, tent the prototype of the modern construction tents for this. structure is reasonable, the use safe reliable, can accept a magnitude 8 at the same time the wind load and 8 cm thick snow. adopts steel structure, simple structure, exhibition bento, about 20 minutes / 4 can be set up or the roll-up. Herringbone roof tent decorated frame tent, frame tent, etc. , mainly used in outdoor large activities. The main body of herringbone roof tent structure is composed of two local, as the main body in the aluminum alloy frame, secondly, tarpaulins. Often also equipped with other in the practice of the comprehensive equipment to beautify and perfect all kinds of theme activities. Herringbone roof tent high strength aluminum alloy profile is used for main body structure, construction principle of aluminum box girder frame, column support connection between steel parts. Roof adopts steel cable suspension straps, roof and wall enclosure has the base cloth. GB/T - materials selection of aluminium alloy profiles 6063 specification, after the country quality surveillance test center examination, non-ferrous metal materials is qualified. Awning room cement engineering foundation, used materials and structure have high integrity and safe sex. Construction reached the strict European specification. The overall structure through the professional organization wind test and destruction test. Tarpaulin used is a professional PVC coating fabric. Have durable bonding performance: knife coating technology used liquid PVC and chemical bonding of fiber, blowing the slurry coating on the fabric directly; Strong welding performance: after welding the fabric can accept a lot of tension, even in harsh environments such as hurricane, frequent operation, also won't affect the seal horizontal welding.
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