The discretion of the awning room configuration, awning room taste is closely related with you

by:COSCO     2020-08-25
Speaking of awning room facilities, we all know that if you want to good play to the functions of the awning room, leave the perfect supporting facilities. , of course, there are so many choices about awning room facilities, including appearance, size, frame materials, awning room walls, interior, etc. , the discretion of the awning room to your taste, awning room awning room taste is closely related with you. Appearance: with the continuous improvement of living conditions, many businesses in the awning room also has special requirements on the appearance of the product, not only to their own products, also need to be able to show the high-end atmosphere. Says there tent manufacturer can provide according to customer demand for the classic herringbone, arc awning room, pointed canopy room and combination awning room, etc. , so as to achieve aesthetic effect and the exclusive needs of customers. Wall material: wall as the name suggests is the awning room walls all around metope, in addition to the classic double coated PVC tarpaulin, and ABS wall, sandwich panels, caigang watts, glass curtain wall, electric doors, sliding door, transparent PVC window, and so on, these can choose according to different theme, select different shows the effect of the natural is different also. Interior trim options: here's interior mainly cloth curtain, especially when the tents wedding banquet use cloth curtain is more, can undertake collocation according to the theme of the activities to choose. The cloth curtain use awning room good can make the activity of the icing on the cake. The floor or carpet: the use of the two can be directly enhance the awning room class. Decided to use which kinds of material, according to the site if it is in some not flat on the ground, then laid floor is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice. On the floor and carpet or floor mat on the shop, then can make the awning room environment more tall! Other facilities: in addition to the things mentioned above, and stage lighting, furniture, and other supporting facilities. We need according to the activity of specific needs to select the suitable products, can will be promotion activity class. To sum up, with all kinds of outdoor activities and demand continues to increase and improve, in the form of frame tent related facilities for activities also in unceasing innovation, choice also more and more people, if have related questions please contact says there tent.
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