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The exhibition tents - The exhibition tent layout should follow the principle of what?

by:COSCO     2020-09-17
Exhibition tents and is often referred to as exhibition tents awning room, exhibition activities, is a kind of exhibition equipment utilization rate is very high. Now, the function of the exhibition tent has transcended the traditional exhibition booth, make all kinds of exhibition held no longer limited to indoor, which can be presented in a way more outdoors, be show your company culture, power, and the values of new space. ( 中远- The exhibition tents) Exhibition tent, then, how to decorate to flow will play its value the most? When we decorate the exhibition tent which principle to follow? ( 中远- Exhibition awning room) A: sure. Activities during the whole event, we need to make sure a color scheme, the exhibition tent external and internal clever use of colour is tie-in, can effectively promote the company's products and services at a glance of show in front of the customer. Like the messy color, can make the person aesthetic difficulties, don't work. 2: choose the booth. Present products or services, not to say that inside the tent can be any corner, so we need to choose the most can manifest the product platform. His back to the tent wall for square table is generally suitable for the position. If necessary, can also add a layered channel. Three: show the way. In exhibition awning room, we need according to oneself to choose the way to show the product features and characteristics. Such as curtain textiles will need to hang up will be more beautiful, suit to put inside the glass handicraft is more show, and some products are suitable for direct put out. Four: the portal to the appeal. Entrance is path to each customer into the exhibition frame tent, if we can do some planning, at the entrance will bring our booth is not the same flow rate. The most common such as: in the tent put samples, products to be imported for atlas, or put some colorful items to look for ways to attract customer's attention, let the past customer saw your booth will stop to visit. Of course, in addition to the above four points, we also need to pay attention to many aspects. In order to ensure our exhibition tent can realize its function or functions outdone, in addition to professional tent company for advice, for other still need our own thoughtful.
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