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The quarantine awning room, warmth of health

by:COSCO     2020-09-15
Quarantine awning room, is most in need of outdoor temporary buildings during outbreaks, the need to solve temporary quarantine construction space. Brought convenient for inspection and quarantine work, the quarantine awning room, applied to various places across the country awning room, suitable for outdoor quarantine protection standards, from the perspective of the space of awning room, indoor space utilization, and free to configure, arrange the use of the space. Quarantine frame tent materals belongs to a self-cleaning performance, and can the advantages of gas, dust, has a good safety, and security is our visible, high quality of high quality aluminum alloy materials as a framework, double-sided coated PVC knife scraping the cloth as a top cloth and cloth, on the design of the original two security levels and add a. Aluminum profile which has characteristics such as corrosion resistance, good appearance, safe and stable, the service life of not less than 20 years. With energy efficiency guarantee safety when using, the quarantine period for quarantine workers work reduced caused by climate change. shelter for quarantine, do not interfere with the normal traffic, for everybody to send health, warm, and satisfied with all temporary buildings, wide Mr Can provide a wide range of size, shape, and supporting facilities, etc. Awning room is one of the most popular outdoor temporary buildings in the construction market. Wide the awning room strong, elegant, easy to transport, structures, short time limit, the removable assembly, the security firm.
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