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The use of the banquet tent matters needing attention

by:COSCO     2020-08-24
Banquet frame tent is now a lot of time will use the tent, I can put inside, can put chairs and tables, etc. , usually in some restaurant party tents marquees, floating restaurant, or weddings and funerals feast, etc, will be used when using the banquet tent has brought a lot of convenience at the same time, we can't forget banquet tent using the matters needing attention, here we summarize some about matters that should be paid attention in the use of banquet tent, below is the related content. 1, the use of the tent, first make fire prevention work, should be more attention. 2, banning a sword sharp objects such as cut support column or cloth. 3, the sticky buckles, zippers and gently open the curtain, it is strictly prohibited to pull hard pull. 4, using the environment temperature in - 30 degrees - 65 degrees to use. 5, it is strictly prohibited contact with acidic items, such as benzene, ketones and other organic solvents. In use of banquet tent, there are a lot of relevant matters needing attention can't be ignored, such as in the actual operations, we should prevent the fixed installation of banquet tent, increase its robustness, weather conditions, and choice of banquet tent wind resistance and so on, these are all I choose tent use also need to know.
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