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How to Use Outdoor Party Tents to Throw an Awesome Party


When it comes to having a party, the idea of holding it in the open air is definitely appealing, but it may also intimidate you because of annoying bugs and unpleasant weather. Actually, a party held outdoors can be as pleasing as one held indoors. What you need is an outdoor party tent.


A tent is a temporary structure comprised of a covering made of pliable materials or fabric that is supported by mechanical means such as poles, metal frames, beams, air, columns, arches, ropes or cables. An outdoor party tent is generally a large tent used to provide spacious room for accommodating guests of parties held in the open air. An outdoor party tent is usually characterized by portability, ease of assembly and installation, and excellent waterproofing and sunburn protection performance to meet the demands for the shelters of a party.

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What Makes COSCO Outdoor Party Tents a Must for a Party?

What Can You Expect from COSCO Outdoor Party Tents?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Party Tents?

Any difficulties in setting up COSCO outdoor party tents? Rest assured!

What Makes COSCO Outdoor Party Tents a Must for a Party

COSCO Shipping Aluminum Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 COSCO Shipping Aluminum Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. Tents have been one of our core business since 2010. Equipped with experience in developing and manufacturing aluminum products over the past 20 years, we have been committed to providing a wide range of quality tents for over 80 countries and regions all over the world. COSCO Shipping Aluminum boasts a whole set of tent manufacturing techniques, including design, aluminum extrusion, anodizing, machining, PVC cutting & welding, hardware fabrication, and assembling.


COSCO outdoor party tents have been ones of the best-selling tents for party use on the market. Based on the design of traditional tents that have gone through thousands of years, we have made a large number of improvements and innovations to our outdoor party tents.

Designs & Styles

As is known, the frame of a tent has a direct impact on the design and performance of the tent. Owing to the advanced aluminum processing technology COSCO has developed and abundant experience in the industry accumulated in the past twenty years, COSCO has developed outdoor party tents with various frame designs - polygonal, curved, cambered, pagoda-shaped, double-decker style… You can always find a design that fancies your eyes and suits your needs.

Advanced Technology & Best Materials 


COSCO outdoor party tents are manufactured with the most advanced technology and the best materials ever found in the industry and on the market. There have been many industry changes and trends over the past 35 years that have affected the design, engineering, and aesthetics of tents. Probably the single biggest change occurred in the early 1980s with the huge switchover from tents being manufactured with gala canvas to the new fabric of choice - vinyl - and of course predominantly white vinyl. Some of the key characteristics or advantages of vinyl over canvas today include; increased durability, inherent flame retardance, and ease of maintenance and cleaning. COSCO is both an inheritor of the legacy of traditional outdoor party tents, but also a pioneer and innovator in the development of modern outdoor party tents with new materials and techniques. COSCO adopts reinforced and reliable extruded aluminum as the main materials and utilizes anodized finish treatment technology for the manufacturing of our outdoor party tents. As for the cover, we use double PVC coated fabrics, which are in accordance with the flame retardant standard of B1/M2. 


Perfect Protection

COSCO outdoor party tents provide perfect protection from the elements. Inclement weather tends to stop by at the wrong time, such as strong winds and downfalls. You should also mind out uninvited mosquitoes, bugs, bees, and insects if the party is scheduled to be held in the evening. COSCO outdoor party tents have excellent performance in terms of durability, erosion resistance, waterproofing, wind resistance, flame retardance, and ultraviolet resistance, which enables you to cope with harsh weather conditions, but also unexpected dangers that may be caused by improper use of fire and electricity. Moreover, mosquitos and other bugs will inevitably crash your outdoor party by buzzing around the guests and the food table. By choosing COSCO outdoor party tents with clear windows and doors, you are able to ensure that guests aren't annoyed by the little pests and the venue has a good lighting condition.


Spaciousness & Models


COSCO outdoor party tents are designed to provide spaciousness for your party. According to the different supporting models, outdoor party tents fall into two types: pole tents and structure tents. Pole tents have large poles in the center of the tent that help hold up the tent top. Poles in the center can impede people’s line of vision and makes it difficult to plan the layouts for the tent. Structure tents, a.k.a. frame tents, on the contrary, are built using a frame that supports the tents. The structure is self-supporting and does not require internal supports. This eliminates the need for poles in the center of the tent, leaving larger open space for accommodating more people, setting the table and preparing the dance floor. Therefore, COSCO structure tents should be shortlisted when you consider using outdoor party tents.




COSCO outdoor party tents have extraordinary portability and are not particular about the ground surfaces. COSCO does not want your party to be constraint by the geological condition of your desired location. The portability and lightweight of COSCO outdoor tents enable them to be transported to anywhere you want the party to be held. Moreover, COSCO outdoor party tents can be set up on any type of ground surface - hard ground, sand, beach sand, gravel, rocky ground, sandy soil, soft ground, snow, rocky soil. Additional ropes, stakes, and poles are also available upon request to respond to complicated geological conditions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Party Tents

You may find innumerable outdoor party tents manufacturers on the market, and their outdoor party tents come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, materials, and styles. To choose outdoor party tents that best suit your needs, you need to sort out your priorities before making the final decision. Here are some factors that we believe you should consider to pick out outdoor party tents with excellent performance and sustainability.

1. How many people are you going to invite?

The number of people that will be attending will significantly narrow down the shortlisted outdoor party tents. When they are too big, the guests may have a sense of isolation, while when they are too small, the guests may feel claustrophobic. Outdoor party tents that best suit the number of guests will provide a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Therefore, before you decide the size of your outdoor party tents, give a rough estimation of how many people are going to be attending.

2.What are you going to do at the party

A common mistake that people tend to make when preparing outdoor party tents is that they calculate the desired based on the number of guests. To decide the size of the outdoor party tents you will need, remember to take the area for function areas into consideration, for example, if any, the dance floor, the buffet, the games, etc. Also, whether you will want your guest just sit and play on the lawn or you will prepare chairs and tables will also affect the desired size of the outdoor party tents. More importantly, if the party is supposed to have music or a display screen, you will need to reserve more space for placing audio and video equipment. 

3. What is the intended style of the party?

Do not forget to take a look at what the suppliers of outdoor party tents have to offer in terms of colors and styles. COSCO plain white ones are a staple, but even this most economical option comes in a range of shapes and styles, including high or low or curved ceilings, open or closed sides, and an assortment of cosmetic accessories like lights, flags, trims, and ties. Choose a look which suits the content of your party, whether that’s a plain style for a simple picnic over the weekend or unique pavilions for Homecoming Day. Outdoor party tents that set the right tone and give the perfect ambiance to your party will be a lasting impression in people’s memory.

4. How much do you have in your budget?

Your budget for the outdoor party tents sometimes can be a very important factor in what you will finally get. If you are on an unlimited budget and want to have bright lighting, perfect décor, and sound equipment for the party, then consider COSCO high-end series with clear windows and doors. COSCO outdoor party tents are prepared for addition of your own wiring system and lighting system. If you are on a tight budget, COSCO provides quality outdoor party tents at the most affordable price. Just have a look at what we offer, and you will find the outdoor party tents that suit your budget.


Advantages You Expect from COSCO Outdoor Party Tents

It is said that people who begin adopting outdoor party tents for their events usually regret, for not having put outdoor party tents into use earlier. Humorous as it may sound, it underlines how helpful outdoor party tents could be to your big events. However, how to get wedding tent for sale is not so different in life. Here are the advantages that will make outdoor party tents one of the checklist when you consider holding a party.

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  •  Get your party held almost anywhere

  • This may be the best part of having outdoor party tents for your party. When you are preparing a party, you may find you are in an awkward situation that the desired place you want to have the party held does not boast a proper venue. Outdoor party tents enable you to have the party wherever you like, by the lakeside, in the backyard, on a lawn or even in the mountains. COSCO outdoor party tents attend to a wide range of geological conditions and can be set up on a variety of surfaces. Moreover, COSCO outdoor party tents are prepared for the addition of ropes and poles for more firmness and stability under harsh geological conditions. Therefore, with outdoor party tents, where to hold the party is no longer a daunting factor in your planning.

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  • Provide a highly-customized venue for the party

  • COSCO outdoor party tents come in with all shapes, styles, and sizes. You can always find the best party tent that fit your needs. According to the number of guests, the theme of the party and wiring demand for lighting and equipment, you can determine the décor and the styling inside the tent. You can decide whether the tent should be large or small, open-air or walled, with windows or not as well as if you want the top to be clear or a specific color. You can get all the features you like from one single tent. COSCO outdoor party tents can help you to transform the space into whatever you want it to be. Sketch out your plan, and we will take over the following work.

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    Protect your party from inclement weather

  • Imagine that you have put everything in perfect order for an outdoor party but the weather forecast suggests a downpour. You can either cancel it or risk getting everyone at the party soaked through. COSCO outdoor party tents can save you from the dilemma. COSCO outdoor party tents have excellent waterproofing performance by using double PVC-coated polyester textile for the cloth and extruded aluminum for the frame. They could protect the entire venue of the party from wind and rain. Apart from windy and rainy days, sultry and blazing hot days can also make an outdoor party a disaster. Outdoor party tents allow people to sit in the shade without being exposed directly to the sunlight. Just remember, bad weather can come and often do. Pick an outdoor party tent for your party in case bad weather ruins everything.

Any difficulties in setting up COSCO outdoor party tents? 

Rest assured!>>>

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    Add unique character to your party

  •  Despite that outdoor party tents are usually used for a specific reason, they can totally be decorative. Have a look at the theme of your party, choose a tone that you want it embodies and pick appropriate outdoor party tents to set it. COSCO outdoor party tents are available in a variety of styles and give the perfect ambiance and atmosphere to the party. The guests may fail to recall what they eat at the party after some days, but they will be impressed by the coziness and intimacy created by the outdoor party tents.

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    Be a perfect alternative to luxurious rented houses

  • I know you are not convinced that outdoor party tents are a must when it comes to a deluxe party. People may choose expensive luxurious rented houses for the venue of the party when they need appealing decoration, flooring, lighting system, and audio and video equipment. The fact is all these you can get from costly rented houses can be provided by outdoor party tents. High-end outdoor party tents from COSCO now are equipped with a complete set of facilities. Clear windows, solid doors, transparent top, luxurious flooring, original pediments, perfect audio and video system… the list goes on. More than a shelter or a venue for the party, COSCO outdoor party tents meet all you needs for the party.

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    Advanced Technology & Best Materials 

  • We understand that the outdoor party tents you choose for your party are more than shelters, but something creating coziness and preserving shared memories with friends and family. They are designed and manufactured to serve and last long. If you want to resell COSCO outdoor party tents after use, their quality will help them to secure a high second-hand value.

Step 1

Frame tents are installed by laying out the frame members, fittings, and other bracings on the ground using our diagram. Then the frame is assembled by pinning or bolting the frame members to the center hubs (crowns, spiders), and intermediate fittings (brackets, T-fittings) to form a square or rectangular-shaped frame structure. Smaller frames can be built from the perimeter into the center hub, but most larger-size frames are built from the center hub out. All of the frame members should be pinned or bolted in place, and any cables, braces, or other required hardware should be added before the vinyl top is attached to the frame and it is lifted into the air. 

Step 2
Once the frame is complete, the vinyl top can be laced together (if sectional) or placed over the frame (if one-piece). The tops typically lay over the frame and are attached by a series of 1” or 2” webs to the frame perimeter. Once the top is in place and secure, the entire frame can be lifted on to the legs either manually (small frames) or with tent lifts (canopy jacks, tent jacks). The legs should be attached, and then the frame properly secured and anchored to the supplier’s instructions
Step 3
Pole tents are generally installed by first laying the fabric pieces on the ground. Sectional tents will need to be laced together. Once the tent is laced together to make one piece, the corners are pulled out to capacity. The stakes are then positioned and driven based on the supplier’s recommended diagram. This typically requires multiple guylines at the corner positions and single guylines at the other positions. Once the guylines are attached to the tent and the stakes, the side poles are installed. This is done by starting in the corners and working around the tent to form a “bathtub” shape.
Step 4
Pole tents are generally installed by first laying the fabric pieces on the ground. Sectional tents will need to be laced together. Once the tent is laced together to make one piece, the corners are pulled out to capacity. The stakes are then positioned and driven based on the supplier’s recommended diagram. This typically requires multiple guylines at the corner positions and single guylines at the other positions. Once the guylines are attached to the tent and the stakes, the side poles are installed. This is done by starting in the corners and working around the tent to form a “bathtub” shape.

Correct installation, use, and maintenance of COSCO outdoor party tents will allow to maximize their function and lengthen their lifespan. We provide installation manual and diagram for our customer to facilitate the setup process. Here are some basics for setting up frame tents and pole tents.

Setting up COSCO tents is not always a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. In case you are caught in any difficulty, our technician will be very glad to assist you in terms of their installation and maintenance. 

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