Tiffany tang Luo Jin exposure wedding venue? Meister awning room know about the wedding

by:COSCO     2020-09-21
Tiffany tang exposure, though Luo Jin relationship has been for some time, they also sweet fit for many times. But for the fans, two people get married or as a heavy thunder. At the beginning of the rumors, a lot of people are discussing all kinds of information. The most popular is, the wedding venue where? When wedding? As tiffany tang good girlfriends - at that time Yang will attend the wedding, and so on. Want to know when the tents wedding can only invited tiffany tang Yang mi. According to reliable sources, some people met tiffany tang in pudong airport, Luo Jin assistant in check it at the same time, the quantity is also a surprising number and baggage. At that point in time, at the same time also planes to Austria with rumors before wedding location, don't know if it is a big melons? Both are seems to be a outdoor tents wedding. When it comes to outdoor wedding, nature is inseparable from the structure tent. As an outdoor wedding's right-hand man, awning room to accommodate guests at the same time, more can fit wedding theme, give a person to enjoy. On the green grassland, imagine, as well as the beach, field frame tent can be placed for the wedding. They are more flexible than the hotel, it is easy to match, has become an important choice nowadays young people get married. Says there awning room as a professional tent manufacturer for the wedding ceremony, has been committed to for everyone to create safer, more fashion, more high quality products. If you have any requirements, remember to contact us!
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