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tips to pick and design the perfect wedding invitation ...

by:COSCO     2020-07-13
invitations in India have come a long way.
invitations are far beyond the typical cliché, with different shapes, sizes and colors.
Nowadays, couples have become very adventurous and interesting at tents wedding invitations and weddings, especially in metropolises like Mumbai and Delhi. .
Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when selecting and designing wedding invitations that are helpful for both traditional and modern invitations. .
Your card should give your guests a look at your style and feel.
It should suggest the type of wedding expected --
Whether traditional or modern, elegant, colorful and fun-filled.
Make sure the wedding card reflects the style of your wedding.
You can even add wedding preferences while learning about colors
Color is the most important element in wedding planning in India.
The entire look of the wedding is determined by a color scheme or theme.
Whether you want to stick to a color scheme, design a custom wedding theme and make sure there are some ideas behind the colors you choose.
Readability of cards-
Some fonts look super stylish and the colors look great, but they may not be the best choice for wedding invitations.
Keep in mind the readability of the font, whether it\'s an discordant color or a dark color, or the clarity of the font itself.
Innovation in style and cost
If the budget is a problem, expand your horizons.
Cheaper wedding cards don\'t look cheap is not necessary.
There are so many simple and clear wedding cards that look amazing, and when it comes to wedding invitation cards, there are a lot of DIY ideas that can really make a statement.
For those who are just acquaintances, you can also have a set of expensive cards and another set of cheaper cards.
Choose your words wisely
Make sure all important information is correctchecked.
Be careful with names, especially those belonging to each other.
Instead of sticking to the cliché on the Indian wedding invitation card, you can choose to be creative as you like.
But be sure to get opinions from a few other eyes.
It always helps.
Don\'t squeeze the cards in the crowd
Instead of squeezing on the invitation card with a bunch of names, get the consent of both parties to limit it to the next of kin of both parties.
But be sure not to offend anyone, which often happens at Indian weddings. Start early-
Invitations should be ordered a lot before the tents wedding, preferably Strictly after the date and location are determined, so that there will be some buffer time in case of printing delay.
Send it on time once they are ready (
Preferably a few months before marriage)
, Prefer to send through trusted mode so it can reach everyone.
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