To understand how a tent hotel insulating

by:COSCO     2020-09-05
the birth of the hotel, no doubt, the scenic camp added some style. With the increasing of the tourists, wild luxury tent will greatly improve the utilization rate of hotel. 365 days, climate change multiterminal, high temperature, low temperature again, various environmental elements, is about the detection of tent hotel. In respect of foreign economic ~ camp, there are many problems and can't neglect. For example, in this hot summer, heat insulation tent hotel is? Hot mentioned, we will surely think air conditioning, electric fan. So must have tempering equipment, good air conditioning in the tents of the hotel internal device, Windows, electric fan and exhaust fan. Five-star hotel some tent also should have. Such ability dealing with the indoor temperature and improve the comfort. Speaking of wild luxury tent hotel, wild extravagance, already mentioned that must be given priority to with outdoor, close to nature. Outdoors, although there are many bad environment and climate, although no resistance, but just to be able to use the natural environment advantages to heat insulation tent hotel. Points, said a lot of, all tents what hotel is made, what kind of material for insulation? PVC knife scraping coating synthetic fiber cloth as the outer walls of the frame tent hotel master data, useful KangXue wind resistance, waterproof, and so on. Inside other plus heat absorption cotton insulation cotton contour feature information, to keep the temperature inside the frame tent hotel stability.
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