To understand the use of ordinary tents method together

by:COSCO     2020-09-26
is a bunker is invented, but in practice is just a temporary shelters, is able to be aborted, easy, and is relatively compare compare appropriate cosco interval of the use of guns, if be near point a grenade ten rounds ammunition can abort tent. But if is right under the condition of being that is very different, this is absolutely disappointing bunkers. Ordinary tent use way is two kinds, one is used when the steps, tent height is not high, we can pass to jump up tents prance to jump up on some of our usual central. Especially on the work floor, we can through the tent from the Angle of the bizarre some compare to the roof or floor, let keep building floor open next game players in the uncertain. The second use method is used to plug the bridge, because the vehicle there is no way that crashed into a tent so tent players about the drive is a wall, we have enough tents will be able to set up a tent wall on the bridge, want to cross the bridge players can only in tears. But this style still be careful to use in four rows, three four row the bus is not decoration, they can have enough time to put the tent all kill off and then come in, and then back to the card you wave you will be very uncomfortable. Many people feel that the tent so useful that we can not in the middle of the wild in finals has built shelters? Actually use tents in the finals and no imagination, in the finals is the most important is to hide himself, instead of looking for a good shelter, which is why voldemort very fear, because others may be difficult to find him, not because he has a good bunker, and voldemort to say that no bunkers themselves.
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