Training to Ascend Dream Peak, Himalaya’s 26,906-Foot Cho Oyu

by:COSCO     2019-08-10
Clif Maloney, an experienced amateur climber who married New York lawmaker Carolyn Maloney, topped the Top 26,906 in Tibet.
Foot-town in 2009.
It\'s always been a dream because 71-year-
Old investment bankers have tried before, but they have failed.
\"I am the happiest person in the world,\" he said to his tour guide . \".
However, on his way down, an exhausted Maloney stopped at the high camp (23,000 feet)and died.
This is the world of elite peaks: a minute of joy, a minute of shock and sadness.
I understand Maloney\'s love for heights and the risk roller coaster involved in achieving these goals.
I want to climb the Himalayas all my life, the highest mountain on Earth.
Cho Oyu is a logical choice.
Amateurs like it not only because of its amazing beauty, but also because it is one of the only 14 peaks in the world that are over 8,000 m (26,250 feet).
And, although it\'s sixth
Overall, it\'s easier than some of its lower siblings (26,547 feet)
Because the terrain is relatively accessible and tolerant.
But you don\'t just go out and climb something like Cho Oyu without training-and experience.
There are two types of mountain climbing: rock climbing and mountain climbing.
First, climb up the vertical walls with ropes, seat belts and stone shoes, something one does on the semi-dome of Yosemite.
The decline is an obvious risk.
Joe Oyo said that the mountaineering activities include snow and cold.
Camping weather, usually at extreme heights.
Weather, avalanches and mountain diseases are often more dangerous than falling.
For any mountaineering movement, the first step is to shape--
Not just to reach the peak.
Most problems occur when climbers feel tired and clumsy.
To boost the leg strength for Cho Oyu, I \'ve become a quirky building with 50-per Wednesday-pound (23-kilogram)pack.
I have to sweat 5 pounds in every training session.
To strengthen my cardiovascular system, I ran 6 miles at 8 miles
The steps along the Hudson River and Riverside Park are small.
Low Altitude Air plus long climbing days-
Often more than 10 hours-
It means a lot of breathing.
I also lifted weights to strengthen my upper body as I carried heavy parcels between camps on the mountain.
As for climbing resumes, it will take a while to complete.
Rainier mountain climbing offers a great introduction
Year provided-
Training and climbing within 14,411 of Washington\'s severe ice agefoot Mt. Rainier.
My course covers the basics of snow
Climbing: traveling in the rope team, self-climbing using an ice axe
Arrest when falling, use Ice Claws (
Spikes tied to Boots)
Traction on the snow and rescue.
After Rainier, my next step is
Highly exposed.
It is impossible to exaggerate how difficult it is to do anything ---
Including thinking-
More than 18,000 feet above sea level, the oxygen here is less than half the sea level.
I went to Mexico and climbed more than 17,887 volcanoes.
Foot Popocatepetl and 18,851-foot Orizaba.
Although they are physically difficult, the summit is feasible within a day, starting from the high Lodge, and therefore no camping is required.
As a result, Aconcagua was recommended as the final test, even higher altitude.
22,834 feet (
About 7,000 m)
Aconcagua is the highest peak in the world outside Asia.
Its extreme weather, altitude and short adaptation time can be 8,000-meter peak.
Like Cho Oyu, it also needs to set up a series of higher and higher camps for the body to slowly adapt to the thinner air.
If the climber rises too fast, he will suffer from altitude sickness, or worse, the more extreme HAPE (high-
Edema of plateau)and HACE (high-
Edema of plateau).
Without treatment, both will soon lead to death.
In two weeks, our group built four.
The higher camp on the Aconcagua, each time initially suffered a lower oxygen level at a higher altitude and then gradually adapted.
Finally, from camp 19,300 feet high, we set off for the top of the mountain one early morning below --zero weather.
I found out what height was that day.
The last part, Canaleta, is the hardest thing I \'ve ever done.
It\'s a loose scree of 800 vertical feet--
A hell near heaven.
Take three steps up and slide back or fall on my face ---
Over and over again, like trying to climb down the escalator.
There is no concept of time.
I just know that I have to put 1 feet in front of the other and soon I will be in the highest zone outside Central Asia.
My guide later told me that it took me 20 minutes to finish the last 50 feet.
In the end, I have to breathe five times every step. Fun, eh?
According to my fitness schedule and schedule, my date with Cho Oyu is this fall or next spring.
Bad news: Cho is 4,000 feet higher than Aconcagua.
Benefits: I still have three weeks on the mountain to adapt to the climate and will use a supplement of oxygen of more than 24,000 feet m.
The plan is a global adventure with jagged, U. K.
Clothing for high quality items for $17,000.
More importantly, though: two
Robert Anderson will be my guide.
He knew me as a friend and client (
We climbed up the original peaks of Greenland a few years ago).
If anyone can get me to the top safely, I\'m Anderson.
I hope you can go back again. (
Jim Clash wrote adventure for Muse, The Art and leisure part of Bloomberg News.
Any opinion is his own.
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