Understand the strengths of exhibition peng room and widely used

by:COSCO     2020-09-25
Exhibition peng room as a kind of used for outdoor exhibition frame tent, for it has many USES, many of the exhibition, exhibition awning room is selected. Due to the exhibition frame tent there are a lot of advantages is no substitute for, the first advantage include the following points. Exhibition peng room its center is characterized by multiple space combination and mobility. Serious is decorous, safe stable, natural against all kinds of bad environment. Super combination of features, expand the infinite space. Sensitive and convenient transport, storage, convenient installation. Safe and reliable structure, selects the high strength aluminum and steel structure constitute the main body of safety, coated with PVC tarpaulin, increase the skin effect, thus make the structure more safe and reliable. Durable after use: aluminum exterior selects the anodic oxidation treatment, looks very good corrosion resistance to acid and alkali resistant function. Can most appropriate for harsh environment. Steel parts are doing looks galvanized processing, they hot-dip galvanized appearance can stick to 20 years and don't have to do. Beautiful generous: serious awning room elegant, colour is rich, beautiful shape. Workplace habits: applicable sandy land, grassland, asphalt, concrete and so on the ground. Concave and convex uneven tones the type base compensation places. use for repeated use, modular components, but frequent disassembling, convenient use in different places. High space utilization, roofing and wall selects the tarpaulins, its thickness is only 1 ~ 2 mm. Most awning room interior not bearing pillar, places the use of 100 can be obtained. Both exhibition awning room in use and the advantages of itself, such an exhibition, makes the awning room got a very good use, the first exhibition tent is convenient for the use, and use of sex is higher, a variety of exhibition, the display can be used, it is also a exhibition tent in use for a feature.
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