Use makeshift outdoor motor exhibition awning room activities should pay attention to the 5 items

by:COSCO     2020-08-22
As the car is becoming more and more high, the utilization of the auto industry also arises at the historic moment. At this time, if you always want to take advantage of fixed scene to auto show, no matter from economic or area is very not meet the requirements of the cost. So says there according to this situation, launched a makeshift outdoor car exhibition tent. So how to make good use of the makeshift outdoor car exhibition tent to prepare for auto show, perhaps enterprise to obtain the biggest benefit for the company? Use note one, because in the makeshift outdoor car exhibition awning room is likely to stay for a long time, whether staff or customers, may need to use electrical appliances. So in the outdoor use makeshift auto exhibition awning room appliances, please make sure to wire and iron bracket should have good insulation, otherwise you will have to get an electric shock risk. Use note 2, a lot of times, outdoor temporary car exhibition awning room are not able to build on the ground. If it is in the mud or sand is installed on a makeshift outdoor car exhibition tent, can dig around drain, in order to make sure the awning mainland dry. Use note 3, outdoor makeshift tent materials used for automobile exhibition is not flame retardant products, if you need the frame tent inside the kitchen, be sure to make the flame away from the tent or use fire prevention board isolation, cooking people cannot leave the tent, make plans to put out a fire at ordinary times, and install the exhaust fan to eliminate lampblack. Dry prior to application note 4, storage show makeshift outdoor car exhibition tent materals, for its recovery after drying, then fold to receive and like too late to tarpaulin dry, remember must not far, so as to avoid coloring and mildew. According to the condition of humidity and local climate, air basks in tarpaulins regularly, in order to avoid breeding ground for bacteria, ruined the tent waterproof coating. After using five, matters needing attention in the auto show, need to be a makeshift outdoor car exhibition tent away and try to save, but also to collect parts, for later use.
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