Using outdoor trade fair advertising aluminum alloy tent held a feast most cost-effective products exhibition

by:COSCO     2020-08-21
Says there's a customer needs on the outdoor space to hold a grand products trade show. In order to better exhibitors to showcase their products, says there on-site activities. Says there provides 300 sets of 3 x3m, 50 sets of 5 x5m aluminum cone tents and 30 x60m exhibition frame tent. In the vacant sites and more than 10000 square meters, in addition to a variety of display products, says there's 30 x60m exhibition frame tent and cone roof for aluminum alloy tent is very conspicuous. 350 cone top aluminum alloy tent provides a venue for the exhibitors, offers visitors a comfortable environment. At the same time, the flame retardant double PVC cases, protection products and staff do not need to be outdoors long-term exposure, the exhibitors can also be your own brand logo printed on the structure tent wai cloth on the above, strengthen the publicity of brand at the fair. As a good helper, outdoor show propaganda cosco30x60m large outdoor exhibition frame tent provides exhibitors with better indoor exhibition space, in order to protect the activity is not affected by the weather. Says there provide tents played their part, help customers exhibition was held successfully. If you are an outdoor exhibition, but don't know where to begin planning, says there could be according to your budget requirements, provide the best solution. If you need other help, click here to communicate with our online customer service.
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