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VOTE: What was your favourite WrestleMania 34 match?

by:COSCO     2019-08-12
As the dust settles on the 34 th of wrestling, we want to know which one of your favorite new Orleans games is?
A whole week has passed since WWE hosted their biggest event of the year at the Super Dome, with five headline changes and a lot of dramatic twists and turns.
After 7 days of thinking, we have started looking for the best game in the evening --
According to the audience of Sky Sports.
Does the shock return of a year after chengunderta left the square stand out for you?
Or gold Maha\'s victory in four deadly games.
The way the American title is your highlight?
It\'s the end of bobcat 916-
Unbeaten during the day your best point overnight, or are you in favor of Seth Rawlins becoming a Grand Slam champion? He won the interstate in his first game that night, a feat.
Use our voting system below to get your opinion heard when we start to crowned the latest Sky sports game in the evening!
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