Warehousing peng room - Removable storage peng room can be used as a logistics greenhouses to use

by:COSCO     2020-09-23
is one-time construction, for a lot of people think the warehouse when the need to address the migration, etc. , was originally set up warehouse tent face eliminated by disassembly, fate, etc. Actually otherwise, now the new warehouse tent generally has a temporary, flexibility and mobility, and thus is often referred to as mobile storage awning room, favored by the major manufacturing. So the new tent whether as for removable storage logistics greenhouses to use? ( - for says there Removable storage awning room) Completely no problem! Now fast development of logistics industry in China, especially after the rise of electricity industry, such as 'double a' large electrical business activities, often face a big problem such as warehousing logistics industry. Removable storage of awning room, can not only left a sum of the cost of building the warehouse for the enterprise, also can bring great help for the efficient and effective operation of the logistics industry. Whether move workshop or site condition, to this kind of removable storage awning room don't have too big effect. Says there awning room, focus on the warehouse tent for decades, for the production of removable storage has the following two points: 1. Easy installation and disassembly, site choice, can be set up in different environment; 2. Security firm, aluminum alloy frame, steel parts connection, high frequency welding, PVC tarpaulin fixed base, strong mechanical properties; 3. Can design according to the demand, production character awning room, elegant appearance, and provide the corresponding supporting facilities, ) ; 4. Economic and practical, can be repeatedly used for a long time, and no pillar, awning room space 100% utilization, cost savings. The main characteristic of this kind of new type of prefabricated warehouse frame tent mobility, we in the traditional sense of the real estate warehouse to the nature of ascension. For convenient economic characteristics of the logistics industry, such as warehouse construction problem provides a perfect solution. Says there tent, for research in terms of storage solutions for decades, the future will be your new choice. Welcome to inquire, says there are always at your answer.
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