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wedding favors - 10 simple ideas you can make at home

by:COSCO     2020-07-03
Due to the tight budget for the wedding and all the other expenses involved in the wedding, the idea of making your own cheap wedding gifts is very attractive.
The question is whether you get yourself caught up in something you can\'t handle.
The bride can go-the-
When it comes to making your own gifts for guests, it\'s better to spend hours figuring out ideas and sticking small pieces of fabric and ribbons to their work.
I \'ve put together ten simple and easy-to-use ideas that you can use to make your own cheap wedding gifts at home without putting pressure on your time or budget. 1.
Jam and jelly.
Buy gift bags for mini jam jars, separate them and tie the length of the personalized ribbon around the neck of the jar.
Then, assuming you have the label, you can design your own label on your computer and print it on a color printer. 2.
Fancy loose tea.
Buy gourmet loose tea cans online, the cheapest place to buy and pack a few teaspoons into separate bags for everyone.
For this purpose, you can purchase a small organza bag or purchase a large number of mini glass jars.
A perfect place to craft and party supplies. 3.
Homemade Chocolate
Chocolate is always a popular option, and chocolate can be melted and poured into the mold in order to customize the wedding.
Get the kind that is done for melting.
You can usually buy chocolate molds of any shape on the Internet.
Or, find a favorite recipe for chocolate truffles packed in mini boxes with ribbons around them. 4.
Love vintage candy.
Nostalgic Candy is a perfect choice for a vintage style wedding.
Buy in bulk on the candy supply website, preferably the color matches your wedding color scheme.
Filling the mini mason jar with candy will keep the theme consistent. 5.
Traditional candy bars
The days of the penny candy you picked from the jar have passed, but that doesn\'t mean you can\'t make it yourself.
This is a very popular \"hot spot\" at the wedding \".
Give your guests small glass envelopes or Chinese takeout
Put their candy in and take it home. 6. Flower Seeds.
Travel to your local garden supply center and pick flowers seeds packed in front of your colors with beautiful designs.
You can also buy it online.
Then make the label you like and stick it on each label.
You can even create your own local card, buy beautiful ready to print stationery online and stick the seeds on each frame tent card. 7. S\'mores to Go.
Whether it\'s a summer campfire or a winter night, everyone likes to have a fire by the fire.
Just go to your grocery store and buy whole wheat crackers, marshmallows and Hershey bars.
Wrap them in square tulle with personalized ribbons.
Everything is ready. 8.
Prepare flowers.
Beyond the seeds, put some small flowers in the flowerpot for your guests.
If it is spring or summer, it should be no problem to buy a plant or flower unit that can be transplanted to a small flowerpot.
Use a paint pen to write on a flowerpot or tie a ribbon with a label around each flowerpot.
Only one plant is needed for each couple. 9. Oreos and Milk.
If your wedding is black and white then Oreo is the perfect wedding cookie.
You can even pick the milk and cookies bar for guests on their way home --
Perfect bedtime care.
With the exception of chocolate chips, there has never been more popular cookies than this one.
I \'ve even seen a wedding cake made of stacked Oreo! 10. Jordan Almonds.
It may sound too traditional, but Jordan almonds are still one of the most classic and popular varieties of the wedding.
Buy in bulk in any color combination or stick together in classic silver and gold.
Then it\'s just a matter of picking or making your own container.
Local trolls through craft supply shops or ideas like eastern trade.
You can even buy some pretty lace or fabric and tie the almonds with beautiful ribbons.
There is nothing simpler and more classic than this.
If your time is tight, choose the easiest and quickest way.
On the way out, anything that people can grab for themselves, such as a bag of candy, will be the easiest solution.
However, if you like crafting and doing it yourself, focus your energy on your favorite part and buy the rest.
Whether it\'s a cheap homemade wedding offer placed in your seat or a colorful candy display, your guests will appreciate anything you give them.
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