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Wedding greenhouses - Wedding canopy can be converted into your ideal wedding hall

by:COSCO     2020-09-18
In a lot of people think that outdoor structure tent wedding is for rich people or star commonly used way, price affirmation is also more expensive. In fact, if when you really get to know the wedding after greenhouses, you will find, is not worse than the hotel wedding, outdoor wedding but can save a lot of spending. canopy of wedding tent is actually we used to say, to realize the dream of we hold an outdoor tents wedding, can let the couple and to congratulate the relatives and friends and closer to nature, to feel so romantic and beautiful wedding. Now, whether urban or rural, wedding greenhouses utilization rate is high, if the 'pick up' are in place, the wedding canopy can be converted into your ideal tents wedding venue. ( - for says there greenhouses) using more conventional modelling for some words, spires, combination or continental awning room. Herringbone canopy room, for example, the domestic many tent manufacturing company is used for large span structures of the net, without any shelter inside. Says there as a professional frame tent manufacturer for the wedding ceremony, wedding greenhouses not only internal space utilization rate can be very high, and if necessary can also reach out to enlarge interior space, can very good provide broad space for the wedding. ( - for says there The wedding frame tent) In addition to choosing awning room model, little of course not awning room facilities. greenhouses to compare with the hotel wedding, that nature is little not some auxiliary facilities. Says there frame tent manufacturing company, equipped with professional cloth curtain gauze curtain, floor, lighting, acoustics, air conditioning, flowers, tables and chairs and other hardware facilities and software facilities such as drainage system, ventilation system. Can make the wedding function of greenhouses is getting stronger and stronger. When decorate wedding greenhouses, we also need to consider good theme and tonal, the color of tarpaulins, fashion ( Transparent or opaque) , choose a different, give a person the feeling is different, too. If you are preparing to host a outdoor wedding, or have the plan, please call our says there, put your problem to us, we will serve you wholeheartedly and provide you with a suitable awning room design.
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