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Wedding greenhouses - Wedding wedding greenhouses greenhouses rental price | the lease price how many money

by:COSCO     2020-09-19
Hold a romantic only beautiful tents wedding, is the dream of many girls. In the hotel wedding, however, cost is higher, it also makes the wedding shed now utilization rate increase year by year. greenhouses, and is often referred to as the structure tent, for structure tent. Use greenhouses, wedding wedding can be moved to outdoor, the crisp grass have a natural and pure and fresh outdoor wedding, at the same time, it does not take a costly price to rent a hotel, why not. As is known to all, wedding for 1 - in general 2 days, so choose rental wedding greenhouses clients are also increasing. How much a wedding greenhouses rental prices offer? greenhouses rental prices generally ranging from dozens to one hundred per square, bridal canopy detail how much money is influenced by many factors, such as: size, supporting facilities, etc. Says there as a professional frame tent manufacturer, has the frame tent production building for more than 10 years experience, professional wedding greenhouses sales and leasing services. We produce bridal canopy belongs to the modular architecture, before shipment we will try to build, make sure it is safe before shipment. Says there wedding aluminium alloy profile is used for greenhouses, service life can be as high as 30 years, PVC tarpaulin can be used for at least five years. Span can choose 6 - size 50 m, wedding banquet for 500 of above commonly: no problem. greenhouse facilities ways we can provide the fine day cloth curtain, floor, lighting, stage, sound and so on wedding frame tent accessories, let your banquet tent function more comprehensive and more powerful. Whether you are a wedding, or are going to hold his wedding, says there wedding greenhouses will hold outdoor wedding banquet is your good choice. If you have what you want specifications or awning room style, we can also provide you with exclusive awning room custom services.
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