What are the four folding tent specification? Manufacturers to introduce [ Awning]

by:COSCO     2020-12-01
Mr Should is your port in guangxi telecom company, he is through the network to find coscotent, started by a long way, Mr Should have various concerns: whether delivery timely, freight, transport damaged in the process, etc. As a result of this to the corners of folding tent 1 specification is special. 5 * 1. 5, to ask for more than 20 only coscotent can be customized, so coscotent is not second choice. In numerous tent manufacturer, only coscotent corners folded tents are complete in specifications. Such as: 1. 5 x1。 5、2x2、2. 5 x2。 5、2x3、2x4、3x3、3x4. 5、5 x2。 5、3 x4 3 x6, 4 x4, 4。 5 x4。 5、5 x5 6 x6 ( M. ) Optional 18 kinds of specifications, such as mass specification allows you to customize without being limited by the size of tent. Coscotent really not the kui is a powerful manufacturers, 500 tents, printing complex from order to delivery in just 7 days. Within a week, coscotent was finished, the batch of telecom folding frame tent. This is coscotent“ Advertising tent custom service & throughout; The efficiency of the is super fast. Coscotent corners of the folding tent specifications, can according to your needs to choose a tent. So far from jiangmen to guangxi, sent packing is to use 2 layers of carton packaging, better protect the product and carton, into the hands of the customer a little damage to the goods. Coscotent staff go all out, let the customer see the coscotent sincerity and strength, let the customer more comfortable ordering coscotent folding tent.
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