What are the wall can choose industrial tent?

by:COSCO     2020-08-29
Industry as a new building outdoor awning room, still have very big difference with the ordinary frame tent. Awning room no matter used for exhibition or tents wedding banquet, or the storage, we have seen the appearance of it is different. Today let's talk about what are the two wall can choose: awning room in addition to the basic frame structure, peripheral and top fabric also need to cover, among the common double-sided coated PVC fabric utilization rate is very high, in addition to glass curtain wall, ABS wall, etc. Among them, not only can be used as PVC tarpaulin wai cloth can also be used as a top cloth, sun protection, waterproof, self-cleaning performance, use fixed number of year of no less than five years, mainly divides into the transparent, translucent, and opaque. Opaque has good insulation and uv protection, and other functions, relatively hidden, can protect the awning room internal privacy; Translucent is slightly pervious to light, heat insulation performance slightly lack; The transparent PVC tarpaulin is not insulated, inside can easily see the scenery outside, let a person feel can be more intimate contact with nature, because this often is used in the event such as wedding party tents marquees. So the PVC tarpaulin is not only high utilization rate, but price is also higher. There is a wall is glass curtain wall, PVC tarpaulin relatively more high-end, more suitable for some more tall, luxury activity. In the activity, we can use the cloth curtain, blinds and other auxiliary facilities to cover part of the area, in order to better protect our privacy. Another is the hardware wall ABS board. ABS hardware wall sheet is the emerging industry of a material that is the current utilization rate is higher, production is bigger, a polymer. Many companies will choose to ABS as awning room wall, wall uniformity of ABS plate, not only beautiful, and more distinctive, especially suitable for storage, exhibition, etc. For frame tent wall material for this problem, a simple introduction, if you have other questions about the awning room, welcome to inquire us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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