What benefits do you know the warehouse tent?

by:COSCO     2020-09-23
Warehouse tent set up quick, convenient disassembly, from demolition to secondary structures, almost no material losses in the process. According to enterprise season, rapid implementation warehouse construction, expansion, relocation, and demolition. Can use repeatedly set up is dismantled, easily cope with season. Also will push back the warehouse cost minimum, realizing the maximization of benefit. Construction speed, shorten the construction period, substantial cost saving time warehouse frame tent the main structure of special high strength aluminum alloy material, light safety, construction speed, can set up a day of about 1000 square meters warehouse, greatly shorten the construction time limit for a project, quickly put into production use, efficient and convenient. Improve the operating efficiency of funds warehouse tent without foundation treatment, construction cost as low as 200 yuan per square on the ground, reduce costs, improve the operating efficiency of funds. Temporary buildings, simplify the approval process, storage tents for temporary building, almost no approval to establish ( Individual regions need to do simple examination and approval according to civil policy) 。 Substantial cost saving time and quickly achieve the expansion of the warehouse. Highly integrated and intelligent security, practical, and complete. Warehouse tents built quickly, and in the demolition easily take to form a complete set of integrated access control, security, power supply, heating, ventilation and other supporting facilities. Safe and convenient, can form a complete set of permanent warehouse has all kinds of form a complete set of equipment, easy season warehouse solution. It is with this five advantages, warehouse frame tent in recent years popular with manufacturing, logistics enterprises, for they can solve the problem of season, warehousing, easily swept away to the development of the enterprise is the most difficult to conquer a big obstacle.
Nowadays, the adoption of aluminium tent in outdoor event tent for sale industry is quite common.
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