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what\'s the duties of a wedding planner -

by:COSCO     2020-06-15
The work of the wedding planner may sound interesting, but it is a daunting task.
Making the bride and groom happy requires not only your precious resources, but also your time and efficiency.
In your own sweet time, things can\'t be done, at which time the deadline must be followed
Ups must be consistent and executed as planned.
What kind of service does the bride and groom need from you.
Do they want you to plan the whole wedding based on how the tradition unfolds?
As part of the wedding, some cultures have a complex set of events.
Christians don\'t have multiple rituals, but it\'s still wise to sit down with the couple and discuss how many of you are.
Before you start, let\'s see what the duties of the wedding planner are.
Like I said, the important duty of wedding planning is to talk to the couple first, according to the tradition that each culture meets in the wedding, it is essential to know what is involved or to serve only certain cultures.
Getting to know all cultures and being an overall wedding planner can be a exhausting task, so it seems ideal to cater to a particular type.
Of course, if you want to cover a variety of weddings, then the knowledge and experience of the past
In-depth research is needed.
Let\'s see what you need to do from start to finish.
Take notes and personally invest in recording with the couple and have them list all the details and complications you need to know on the table.
Make a note of the important things they say and carry a tape recorder with you to make sure you get everything.
When taking notes, highlight some key points, such as which part of the wedding needs extensive research. Non-
Christian weddings can have a completely different approach to wedding ceremonies and major days.
Don\'t be afraid to ask questions because you have the right to ask questions as a wedding planner.
The most important part of planning the budget is the budget.
Once everything is discussed and finalized, find out how much the couple is willing to spend, so you know how to deal with their expenses in the unlikely event.
This makes it easier to know which flower shops have reasonable prices for flowers and which reception halls meet their budget standards, and if you book their lobby, it is better to go with the catering company or the hotel that provides catering.
Stick to the budget and break it down so you know how much you need to spend.
If you think that the budget is too small and needs to be slightly higher, please do not hesitate to make some suggestions to the couple that will not go beyond the budget to a large extent.
Make sure you mention that as part of your service, you need to contact you at least six months before the big day, as it is more financially wise to book in advance than to book something closer to the wedding date.
In other words, the later you book for the reception hall/open space and other things that need to be arranged, the more expensive the price will be.
Hiring an assistant you can\'t be in two places at the same time, that\'s why it\'s important to reach out when planning a wedding.
Work can be done for assistants such as research hotels, reception halls and public places.
Find idyllic aerial locations for couples, including flower shops, decor-
Provide Companies, catering companies, wedding cake designers, wedding dress shops ,(
If the bride needs help finding a place to buy her clothes)and so on.
After you assign these jobs to him/her, you can visit different venues separately after comparing notes and evaluate each venue according to the couple\'s criteria.
No matter where important choices need to be made, such as her reception theme color, bridesmaid dress, groomsmen suit, wedding cake design, it takes a long time to bring the bride. The flowers she wants to show and so on.
Sending out a wedding invitation gives the couple an opportunity to choose what their wedding invitation should look like, offering them a variety of options that they can browse through before making a final decision.
Four cards should be sent-
Five months before the date of the wedding, so that the invitees have the opportunity to RSVP, of course, if not in the same country/state, they can also plan their departure in order to attend the wedding.
Book entertainment some couples may not just want a band or a famous DJ to play at their wedding, so see if they want to have a quirky entertainment slot between receptions, or, if anything special should be secretly played out from either side or both.
Booking the band/DJ/miscellaneous act in advance will be ideal to keep it within the budget of the couple. Select MC (
Master ceremony)
Need to book a person who can guide the whole event from the start of the event to the end of the event.
Let the couple meet a series of MCs worthy of their needs and they can have a good time
Script events that don\'t fumble or prove themselves to be hobbyists.
Let them meet with the best people in the MC business and interview them in person before you introduce them to the couple.
Once the choice is made, MC can take over and help the couple decide how the whole reception will unfold.
Unless the MC needs you to arrange anything special that may require your service, this part is not important to you.
Time is the most important, every company can effectively give you what you want within the above time frame, so it is important to keep following up on what is happening.
It is key to arrange everything properly so that no accidents or mistakes will occur on the day of the wedding.
Make sure the bridesmaids (
In the case of a Christian wedding)
I have bought multiple accessories and they are happy with the look of the dress.
If the groom\'s best man has finalized their suit, please contact him.
The bride\'s dress must be perfect at least two weeks before the wedding so that any changes that need to be made can be handled during this time period.
A seamstress or store selling wedding dresses needs to be booked in advance, so make sure it\'s the first thing after booking the wedding venue.
Taste the food and invite the couple to the place you will be tasting.
Even if the buffet means trying a ton of dishes, they should be happy with the buffet.
Let the test sessions take place in a week or even days, and then they decide which catering service is best for their taste.
Remember to ask the couple if any of the food as part of their culture/religion is Jewish so you don\'t go wrong when you take them to test the food.
On the last day of the wedding day, you need to check everything, from whether the venue is well arranged, where the vows will be exchanged, the means of transport that will take both parties to the venue.
You need to show up separately at the bride and groom\'s place to see if they need anything at the last minute.
It takes time and patience to plan a wedding, but when you see the fruits of your labor forming, it\'s a sight of eye pain.
Keep in mind the above points, you will not have any problems coordinating the details that need to be supervised during your wedding.
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