Where next for Premier League Darts?

by:COSCO     2019-08-13
Just when you want to know how big the darts can be, the Premier League has hosted a 12,000 Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin --
What is the next step in this sustained and fast-growing movement, according to Paul plendville.
In 2005, dc launched the Premier League darts as the best packed venue for sports such as Redding\'s Rivermead center, Kidderminster\'s Glades arena and widerness\'s Kingsway Leisure Center
Sky Sports expert Wayne Mardle Phil Taylor has endured the King\'s Hall in Stoke, with a capacity of about 400, although Mardle remembers a 600-person crowd filled with the Constitution Hall.
On Thursday, they chatted with the PDC employees who were there in the first place, and they admitted that on the first night, when electricity went to oche, there was no even security barrier.
However, the sell-off on Thursday night
In Mercedes-
The Mercedes-Benz Arena in the German capital is the sport\'s largest audience ever, in stark contrast to Carlisle\'s sands center, which event director Graham Fairhurst is keen to point out during the first year of rotation.
\"These are venues and they are packed because that\'s what it is,\" Mardle said . \" He pointed out that this is also a narrow 7-5 reverse.
\"Now, this is where people want to go and where they want to see --
It\'s like Bernabeu, very different from where it started, but we were even happy to see the crowds.
\"The world championship is a performance of the sport, the Alexandra Palace is its cathedral, and the magnificent old Circus Tavern is its spiritual home.
There is nothing more to show the rapid growth of Dales than the British Super League and its sales --out 16-
Night arena tour to climax in the game
At the O2 competition in London, when idc chief executive Matt Porter told the story, the schedule was more familiar with rock gods than the tungsten giants.
\"My predecessor, Tim Darby, was the CEO at the time and he convinced the board that we should go to the Sheffield Arena --
We went to about 2,000 and 3,000 venues, but Sheffield was the first major venue, \"Porter told Sky Sports when crowds began to flood Mercedes --Benz Arena.
They ordered enough darts.
A hockey game and a place to sell
Three of their McFly concerts.
The day\'s schedule was sold out halfway through the darts.
\"The world of the venue is a very small world that everyone has heard of and everyone wants it.
It is now a relatively stable track, and we are a real Arena everywhere we go.
\"The crowd, the noise and the arena bring a unique set of challenges --
The difference between the regular PDC weekend tournament and the English Super League is huge --
But world number one and defending champion Michael van guvin said it was part of the terms of reference.
\"Well done in front of the new crowd, more and more darts in Germany --
\"They don\'t get together very much and they like darts very much,\" he said . \".
\"We did it together, but it took a lot of effort.
I worked another day in Prague on Friday, with darts everywhere and we were busy all the time.
\"The new boy usually takes a little time to adjust, including current world champion Rob Cross, who suffered two defeats in the first two nights of the Premier League darts game.
Michael Smith has already won his first four games this year, but two years ago he was ranked at the bottom with just one win.
\"When I first came, I wanted to impress everyone and try to show everyone how good I am,\" he admitted, shaking in front of huge crowds at times.
\"But now I\'m more mature, I just want to win, no matter what I do, good or bad, I don\'t care, just get at least one point and hope to get two points.
The Premier League has no ranking points except for the 850,000 bonus pool (
Up from £ 150,000 in 2005)
This is one of the biggest champions the sport has won.
Like league sports in other sports, there is nothing to argue about at the end of the 16-week tough regular game.
Michael Van Gwen has topped the list every year for the past five years and has won three of the last four championships.
\"It\'s hard to do it week after week, but it\'s good and I\'m getting used to it now,\" he said . \".
\"I like what I do and that\'s the key.
This is a completely different scene.
You can take a week off like I did with Peter and that happens --
No one has won all their games in the Premier League!
\"It\'s about you being the strongest player in 16 weeks.
\"The selection of the Premier League has always been a hot topic in the world.
Getting qualified or selected is a proof of a good year, and a proof of your status as one of the current 10 best players in the game.
\"It\'s not a ranking event, but it doesn\'t mean it doesn\'t matter,\" Potter added . \".
\"The players are talking about winning the World Championship and winning the Premier League --
The players will also talk about qualifying or getting a foreign card, so it\'s important.
\"It\'s not a person who does what he wants in a day, a weekend or a week, it\'s a constant show of who\'s the best.
\"Germany has now been added to the Netherlands and there seems to be no hindrance in their plans to expand the darts game, but Porter insists that they will take the time to make sure the decision is correct.
\"Rotterdam is obvious, Germany is a logical step forward, we have the European Tour, the tournament, the World Cup, and the German fans really bought the club.
\"It is important not to enter the market because there may be some interest --
You can waste 10 years if time is wrong.
When we went to Rotterdam, we sold out in 45 minutes. This year is 10 minutes. The number of viewers tonight has set a record --
These things prove that we did it at the right time.
\"What about madder\'s dream of Madison Square Garden?
\"Logically, a one-night show could mean in Western Europe and its surrounding areas,\" Potter smiles as he considers the question of where to go next.
\"Maybe the second night in the Netherlands, the second night in Germany, but we don\'t want these markets to boom too much.
\"We know that the Czech Republic and Belgium may be interested in Scandinavia in the future, but at present we have determined our position.
\"Dc has shown that they will leave unwaveringly, and who knows, maybe Madel\'s dream will not be too far away, in Dave Clark\'s words: Are you ready?
Attention shifts to West Point Arena in Exeter next Thursday, starting at seven o\'clock P. M. in the afternoon, reports of Sky Sports Action and major events are underway.
This season continues until the end of May 17-
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