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Why activity tent rental business prefer outdoor sports activities awning room

by:COSCO     2020-08-16
Exist at present, our country sports venues 'insufficient number of serious and long-term idle' this a very embarrassing situation. Many sports venues after laborious construction waste for a long time, venue and with the use of real demand. This not only let the leasing usually don't profit also needs to maintain, deeper level is increasing demand for land nervous at the same time. So this year, says there has been from the tent rental business and actual situation, constantly optimize the structure of its own products, create better more practical frame tent tent rental business for our activities. Says there removable stadiums have mobile, fleetly, cost low characteristic, just can well solve the problem of the domestic current situation of the sports venues. Mobile sports venues can be applied to basketball, football, tennis, swimming, skating, and many other sports, can be customized according to the site size and demand. Compared with traditional architecture, removable stadium can be used according to demand the flexibility to remove structures, and combination, the movement or smaller venues quickly and for short-term use of sports venues also can be used in the lease. Portable stadiums without reinforced concrete, in the process of building without dust, also can be in the original set up directly on outdoor basketball court, football field, without dismantling after reconstruction, the required manpower cost and material cost is greatly reduced, conforms to the concept of sustainable development. Portable stadiums have sunscreen, wind, rain, rust, features, such as fire prevention than outdoor sports in the sports can better protect the athletes. Can be mounted to the interior movement floor, ventilation window ventilation tube, lighting lighting facilities, building specialized full-featured mobile sports venues.
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