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Why aluminum outdoor awning room can win the trust of customers from the price

by:COSCO     2020-08-22
Says there aluminum outdoor tent houses in Europe, it is different from ordinary tents is equivalent to a temporary building, safety performance is reliable, in view of the different types of fast and flexible structures. Has the tear open outfit is convenient, convenient transportation, portfolio diversification, etc. Says there aluminum outdoor awning room empty without any extra beams, space utilization rate of 100%, through your meticulously, the use of the space more imaginative, says there aluminum outdoor awning room increased outdoor activities of the various possibilities, increased the activity of new concept. Peng room is widespread in the rental industry developed European and American countries, peng room products very mature, and have perfect peng room ancillary facilities, and other supporting services, has formed a complete industry. And peng housing industry in China has just started, peng room at home is also the concept of a little-known. With the vigorous development of the our country economy, it will be widely applied to various kinds of outdoor activities. With the widely application of the peng house, peng room as a kind of temporary facilities will be toward more rich, the modelling disassembling lighter, further improve efficient direction. Says there the structure of the aluminum alloy outdoor awning room says there outdoor awning room means mainly by the alloy aluminum shaped steel structure framework and the composition of tarpaulin or temporary or permanent buildings. Can be used for short-term outdoor activities, or used for large area, big span, interior space can flow unimpeded, and rapid loading and unloading of temporary or permanent project. Says there main body framework for high strength aluminum alloy outdoor awning room hollow aluminum alloy structure and steel structure, adjustable base can make up for the site, says there aluminum outdoor awning room use PVC tarpaulin, the frame tent is not stretching, rain, the good performance of uv protection, not pervious to light, fire prevention level reached the national standard, USES the high frequency welding technology, says there wind resistance of 80 aluminum alloy outdoor awning room - 100 km/hour. Says there aluminum outdoor awning room general is given priority to with aluminum and steel structure frame, aluminum frame is beautiful, good durability, not rusty characteristics. Says there aluminum outdoor tent fixed says there for aluminum alloy outdoor awning room size, use time and the ground conditions such as different to the requirement of foundation are quite different. Whether permanent or temporary buildings, says there aluminium alloy fixed outdoor awning room has the following kinds: embedded parts or expansion bolt fixed way: to use the tent, for outdoor says there aluminum alloy with longer time based embedded parts need to do, or the use of expansion bolt in the cement floor or concrete beam. Steel fixed way: the use of steel in the lawn, asphalt or other soft ground fixed says there aluminum outdoor awning room, temporary says there aluminum alloy is mainly used for outdoor tent. Balances is fixed: if the field is not allowed to use steel or have been destroyed by the bolts, you can use the heavy block such as cement block and water tank and sandbags to fixed says there aluminum outdoor awning room, for the ground is not permitted to destroy the temporary says there aluminum alloy outdoor awning room. Says there aluminum outdoor awning room pervious to light: the advantages of membrane material has pervious to light performance, downy light into the interior not only make people work like outdoor indoors, to realize the natural feeling. And during the day without lighting can meet the need of indoor daylighting, save large amounts of electric energy consumption. Environmental protection and control of the operating costs. Large span, large span, unimpeded internal space, provide the biggest practical space. Heat preservation: adopts double insulation materials, to achieve heat preservation, heat insulation effect. A required: the basis of the minimum requirements to achieve, don't need expensive concrete foundation. Beautiful economy: structure, strong and durable, beautiful novel architectural appearance, reasonable price, economic benefit is obvious. Flexibility: can resell, move and scale, has a good long-term investment value.
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