Why large warehouse of awning room utilization rate is higher and higher

by:COSCO     2020-09-05
There are a lot of enterprises in the creation and development, gradually found their own warehouse space is not enough, and if the expansion of the traditional workshop and very trouble. So using frame tent to deal with enterprise production warehouse for storage problem is economical and sensible. Why large warehouse of awning room utilization rate is higher and higher? We all know that the traditional plant construction need to experience: for examination and approval of land, the land use planning, building construction, decoration and so on process, build cycle is very long, and if you want to change again after built but, it is not easy thing. Some people might say that rent, but rent a workshop is not to say that when you need it just appear, and factors such as size, price also is not necessarily just meet your requirements. Therefore, strong flexibility, high safety tent is becoming increasingly popular for warehouse. span range 3 - for warehouse 60 m, the length can be according to 3 m or 5 m multiples of infinite extension, so in terms of the size of flexibility is very high, meet with the need to move or expansion will also be able to move easily and recycling use. In terms of price, according to the relevant data comparison shows that the same area of the workshop, if to build a workshop on the material cost than traditional warehouse frame tent high 20% Construction cost is higher than 30%, awning room by about 35%, clean up later and decorate 60% above the tent, modernize visible tent is more economical and practical for a choice. China's electricity industry has developed rapidly in recent years, logistics industry has developed rapidly, many enterprises in the season will face some storage problem, 3 - and span 60 meters industrial warehouse awning room to meet the personalized needs of different enterprises, for enterprises to solve the storage problem. manufacturer can also provide customized service according to the actual needs of enterprises, for enterprises, this tent as temporary use for warehouse is a better choice. To sum up, the advantage is the flexibility, security and economy of making large warehouse of awning room utilization rate is higher and higher. Tie-in manufacturer to provide the perfect supporting facilities, we can make the awning room function more powerful.
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