Why purchasing folding legs outdoor shade tents, everyone choose the? ( Awning]

by:COSCO     2020-12-01
At present, our country's emphasis on environmental protection very parts of raw materials processing plants for producing unqualified cause environmental damage and turn off there are a lot of, so in on manufacturing raw material manufacturers are in decline, like making outdoor tent push-pull type canopy raw materials such as galvanized steel pipe, paper box, such as the price increased continuously, and coscotent has strict management of quality control, not shoddy. Many push-pull type for outdoor tent canopy don't understand customers in buying push-pull frame tent is asked about material, coscotent today is to introduce coscotent some raw materials quality. Sales on the market many outdoor tent push-pull type canopy is 500 g knife scraping cloth, under normal circumstances can use 2 - 3 years or so; While coscotent USES 550 - 950 g quality knife cloth, the surface bright and clean and meticulous, nylon cloth didn't pressure sealing strip design was used in eye of a needle, two layers of sutures, processing crafted, can use leaking in eight years. Coscotent push-pull type outdoor tent canopy customizable 60 - the post 76 mm galvanized pipe, thickness of 2. 0 mm, and waterproof anti-corrosion paint. Structure reinforcement, strong and durable, super strong, reasonable maintenance every detail. If you are in is don't know how to customize the outdoor environment of outdoor suits his tent push-pull type canopy, coscotent still can free on-site measuring size, give you a more reasonable custom solutions, service every customer in a professional perspective.
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