Why tent ZhangWaiZhang clean constantly to need

by:COSCO     2020-09-26
ZhangWaiZhang demand often clean, attached to the nail, poles and temperamental predominance to wash, mainly wash after using the attached grass mud, dust, insects, etc. Ordinary glass fiber tent pole is composed of vacuum round bar, usually within the elastic rope is linked together, during the process of using the tent pole will more or less into the sediment, if not timely liquidation, sediment dried to damage to the tent pole, inconvenient for loading and unloading process. Especially the beach sand are even more important to the harm of frame tent pole, sand filling into the tent pole will become difficult to disassemble. So as far as possible in a after the use, to rinse with clear water and sediment in the tent pole, the tent pole dry before you fold. Next tent cleaning should pay more attention to, had better be washed with water or a hand rub is quietly, don't use machine wash, more not to wash with brush or something like that. So easy to destroy tents outside coating, waterproof properties when used again is not as good as the original, if real dirty hand rub out usable towel to clean. Also, be aware tents don't directly after cleaning in the sun insolates, best placed in the middle of a ventilation energetic blow dry, not in the dark wet environment, humid environment will stop the corrosion of tents, dim wet no ventilation environment, develops the tent bacteria breeding. Originally is outdoor tour of ankang thing, let oneself present due to the unreasonable takes care of the tent ankang hazards and losses. Gauze tent cleaning time need to pay attention to, be sure to rinse clean wash agent, or you will make the fabric stick together so as to reduce the using life. Finally is the collection of tents and hosting, optional folding tent can, but do not always go to fold, according to a mark if in accordance with a folded trace time is long, easy to produce cracks, away after also don't pressure on material, and other outdoor products send together, best use lunch later.
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