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Wide the following across the country several auto show case, awning room key and have a look

by:COSCO     2020-09-15
Every year there are different time period of starting industry exhibition, the exhibition from all walks of life to probably applied to the tent, for as a temporary of architectural space, meet the demand of the various functions in the exhibition. For auto show activities, exhibition, use awning room to meet the business area, creative recreation area demand, etc. , widely tent manufacturer to show for the auto show awning room case. An awning room, foshan the seventh huimin motor show case according to customer demand, choose show tent material is high quality aluminum alloy frame and PVC tarpaulin, homeowners wide combined with the design, custom out a full range of auto show tent without confining cloth, there is enough space is used to comprehensive exhibition of auto. And awning room of flexibility and mobility, no space limitation, anywhere dismantling drive installation is very convenient, can save the cost auto show activity, so the awning room has been very popular with a large number of car brands. Customer choice is span larger frame tent, tent for a brand for a car exhibition, to require multiple awning room to accomplish multiple brand car sales, order and perfect show, for each big car brands to more revenue. According to the demand for exhibitors, the tent is divided into a car exhibition, a VIP reception area, rest area, area, etc. , make the whole car well and happy. case for second, the shenzhen auto show last year for a large auto show in shenzhen outdoor tent solution for the auto show, with field environment on specialization, to build a series of tent, for chevron mobile can facilitate disassembly and build, provides a convenient application for auto show activity the purpose of the tent. And ready indoor arrangement: according to the requirements of customers to install cloth curtain, air conditioning and fire prevention, waterproof measures, etc. , is ready to all the safety measures, implements the security of the auto show. The frame tent is 40 meters span, length of 115 meters. material is auto show tent homeowners homeowners is contains high quality aluminum alloy frame and PVC tarpaulin. interior space is free for distribution, in order to show the car more upscale form, by the different configuration, can provide different modelling show tent to meet for the auto show the beauty of activity space. Three, awning room case for dongguan dongguan motor show a large auto show provides the outdoor frame tent comprehensive solutions for the auto show, cooperate with customer demand, to set up a tent, for auto interior space is large, utilization, and can fully allocate different indoor area, large tent can be installed inside the car makers for large special assembly, props, lighting, etc. , can build a completely and indoor pavilion of the same display effect, attract outstanding show characteristics. Large tent material is high quality aluminum alloy frame and PVC tarpaulin, homeowners awning room space is no redundant beams, inherent safety guarantee, and long service life, mobile, no space limitation, convenient installation and disassembly. Big awning room except in the auto show is very popular, various industries in various exhibition activities is also very popular and application. Wide tent manufacturer for the simple revealed several case above, the conclusion that the large outdoor awning room also accepted by more and more automobile manufacturers, and launch innovative tent modelling for the auto show this year. 'If you are the reported across the country several tent case for auto show, the key to see' what question can contact our website online customer service, will serve you the first time. We always adhere to: integrity-based, quality first, the independent innovation;
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