Wilshire Grand Center, the new tallest building in L.A. and a schmoozer in the skyline

by:COSCO     2019-08-20
Long ago: Los Angeles has not yet produced a skyscraper. it is a great architectural work.
The Wilshire Grand Center opened on Friday, the city\'s tallest building and the tallest building west of the Mississippi River, thanks to its spires.
Meeting rooms and 365,000 square feet of Class A office space on the lower floor, covering an area of 900-
Located on its upper floor, IHG has a range of bars and restaurants on the top, reaching 73 and 1,100 feet floors, exceeding $1990. S.
Bank building a few blocks away
Chris Martin, Century ceoold L. A.
AC Martin Partners, who designed the tower, told me that it is not limited to white, unlike its height. collar crowd.
Because earlierA. skyscrapers (Including the United StatesS. Bank Tower)
The building, he said, was only meant to accommodate the office and the public had never enjoyed the view of the top floor.
\"You can do all sorts of cute little things like putting a slide on it \"-
This is a reference to the United States. S.
Bank Tower recently redesigned its top floor to introduce a wider public, a revamp that includes adding a transparent slide to the outside of the building --
\"But that doesn\'t change the fact that it wasn\'t originally designed for the public.
We built a tower for the public.
\"This is an intriguing argument: the $1 Wilshire hotel. 35-
A billion-dollar skyscraper designed for South Korean airline chairman Yang Haoqiu, who owns the building, is an increasingly vertical populist landmark in Los Angeles.
In fact, there may be positive competition between only two skyscrapers, which largely illustrates the change in the city and its own consciousness;
A historic drag on our tower building is the polycentric nature of Los Angeles, and in fact we have many tentative skyline (
Century City in Wilshire Avenue and downtown)
Not a mature one.
This prevents competition between adjacent towers, as this competition intensifies the attention and praise of high-rise buildings
Rising buildings in New York, Chicago and other cities.
Many of our most important building towers, 450-foot-
At the same time, the tallest city hall is too short to really count as a skyscraper.
If nothing else, Martin\'s pitch shows that he has a keen understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of this ladder-shaped building.
A piece of shaped land bordering Wilshire Avenue and 7, figaroa and Francisco Street overlooks the 110-kilometer highway.
Wilshire Grand is designed primarily by his cousin David Martin and their colleague Tammy Jow, a senior designer at AC Martin who won\'t win any architectural refinement awards.
As an object on the horizon, it is a dog\'s breakfast, a tower that damages its image as a hint of interest in sleep --
Have excessive glass skin
All four sides have a clear height and have a strange discordant fascination with the structure of expression.
Because AC Martin convinced the city to abandon a long-standing rule that every tall building in Los Angeles must have a large helipad on the roof to accommodate the fire --
Fighters, this is a rule that has been permanently retired, and the Wilshire Grand hotel does avoid the usual buzz
The cut marks so much L. A. skyscrapers.
Instead, a curved glass sail, like a 21st century gable, hides the elevator and windows --
Washing equipment.
In fact, there was a small concrete pad hidden on the top of the tower, which I was surprised to find during a recent trip.
The official statement is the \"tactical landing platform\" where helicopters can land \".
However, it is gentle enough to almost disappear from a distance.
Upon returning to terra firma, the Wilshire Grand Hotel met awkwardly with the ground.
The gap between the bottom of the tower and the half down
The attached podium with stacked ballroom and conference room is connected by a large grid of steel and glass, which indicates that there is no bulge, but a falling quality, a flying blanket that fails to fly, and is now severely squeezed above the lobby.
A highlight of the ground --level spaces —
To be honest, this is a highlight of the entire complex --is a rainbow-colored, wall-
Installed by Korean artist Do Ho Suh.
A square with fountains and palm trees opens in the direction of the subway station opposite Figueroa, but on its other three sides, Wilshire Grand seems determined to keep the city field (
Especially pedestrians)at bay.
Its height is not enough to make the tower really stand out.
It has a maximum floor occupation of less than 1,018-foot-high U. S. Bank Tower;
Just because of the high-rise buildings and the urban habitat Committee, the arbitrator of such matters has identified the tip of the tower --
Not \"antenna, sign, flagpole, or other function though --
Technical equipment\"
Count what it calls the \"top of the building\" of the building, and the magnificent buildings in Wilshire rank the highest in the city.
More importantly, 1,100 feet per cent is a medium number for countries, especially globally.
Dubai\'s Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, 2,700 feet high, more than double the original.
As the tallest tower on the west coast, the title of Wilshire building will not last long.
The same is true of the top 10 in the United States. (It is now No. 9. )
Two buildings under construction in Manhattan alone will surpass it.
It could be squeezed out of the top 20 in ten years. But a crowd-pleaser? Maybe. A kind of whiz-
Combination of Bang appeal, flash, mass and scale?
A way of using
For Martin. of how few L. A.
The skyscrapers give up the top floor to restaurants, bars and other spaces open to the public?
The idea may have some legs.
Despite its aesthetic wobbles and its unresolved quality as a work of architecture, the tower has some simple charm;
It\'s hard to please others, so it\'s hard not to like it.
The architect said the formal touchstone inspired them --
Half Dome of the curved edge of the sail, aircraft design of the transparent vertical wing, extending to the edge on both sides of the tower
This is familiar to anyone in California, not a reference to fu ke or mish that you may hear from another company.
The screens of LED and video monitors will animate the top and sides of the tower at night, raising concerns about downtown Los AngelesA.
It is about to become a gorgeous west of Times Square.
All in all, the tower is not only an extrovert but also a chatterer.
If I were Chris Martin, I would probably do it from a populist perspective as well.
The most appealing aspect of his argument is that, on the face of it, it is clearly counter-intuitive. The tower —
Not like there are so many other people all over the country and around the world now
Not a residential building;
The public cannot continue to use it 24 hours a day.
Besides, we tend to think low. to-the-
Ground buildings are the most authentic buildings in Los Angeles, most closely linked to the wishes of the masses and the wishes of ordinary people: small houses with garden connections
There are two story doughnuts. story-
Tall concrete donuts on the roof, bungalow square, strip mall with the world
Class sushi bar next to the laundromat.
Sign up for the free basic arts and culture newsletter, and we \'ve been on the lookout in Los Angeles for this tall building and everything it represents: a crawling Manhattan organization, borrowing evergreen terms from the development struggle in Southern California, fearing that we would be sealed in a glass tower, many of us moved here to take advantage of the good climate here. L. A.
More than a century ago, for the first time in the vote, measures to limit the height of buildings were proposed.
For decades in the middle, it has been conflicted about whether skyscrapers really belong here.
While this contradiction is taking place slowly, it is disappearing.
Young Los Angeles people are pouring more and more into the community, especially the city center and the South Korean city, including Los Angeles. A.
The most vertical
The steady supply of foreign cash seeking safe havens has begun to blur the horizon. When slow-
The growth advocates put forward controversial measures in the parade vote, and one of their main arguments is that intensive, increasingly vertical development is the overwhelming community of the whole city.
The measure was rejected, with almost no 3 out of 10 votes.
The real Los Angeles is horizontal, and the idea seems to be getting out of date or maybe just incomplete.
At least before another tower passes high, the Wilshire hotel will serve as an imperfect sign of the new city, a noisy sign of the skyline. christopher.
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ComTwitter: @ HawthorneLATMORE architectural story: how does the rising trend of New York\'s \"super tower\" look from Frank Lloyd Wright, 92 th Floor, 150: why should his home in Los Angeles bring a closer identity crisis to American buildings?
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