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10 Unbreakable Baseball Records

by:COSCO     2019-08-15
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Baseball is a magical sport.
It\'s also a game of numbers and records that go beyond statistics and become part of our culture. 714. 61*. 4192.
Every spring there is new hope and optimism.
This is a year.
Someone will do the impossible.
They do it sometimes.
Changes in stadiums, equipment and strategies have made it impossible to obtain some records at all.
Here are ten baseball records that cannot be broken (
There is no certain order).
Cy Young\'s 511 victory in his career is definitely the most indestructible.
In the rotation of 4 to 5 people, most pitchers won\'t even see so many beginnings in their careers, let alone manage this sublime total.
In the current environment, even the winner of 300 games will be rare.
Fortunately, this will also enable the pitcher to accumulate a loss of Cy 316.
Another unbreakable feat.
Back of Johnny Van der Millto-
In the 1938 season, the Red Devils hurler played an almost impossible game, let alone a break.
For pitchers, it is very rare to deliver a ball without ithitter.
There are fewer two people in the business. But two back-to-back.
Forget it!
Nolan Ryan\'s 5714 k\'sit has done a lot to achieve this goal --
A fireball with almost indestructible arms pitching for more than twenty years, hurler was allowed to travel far in this era.
Great Randy Johnson made a lot of effort, but injuries and age also bothered him.
He\'s more than 800 behind! !
We can\'t see anyone like Ryan anymore.
Nolan Ryan on the 7 th.
Above is HittersSee. Unbelievable.
\"Happy\" Jack Chesboro won 41 games in a single season of modern baseball. It has been more than 40 years since winning 30 games in baseball.
Again, with fewer and fewer available starts, this record will represent a more competitive area.
Now, if he\'s not playing for a really bad team, throw out the incredible talent and career of that infamous wild pitch walter Johnson 110 career.
When the pitcher is allowed, from the career of baseballand expected)
Take a distance every time you go out.
Some say Johnson\'s fastball has never been equalled.
For the past 50 years, our greatest pitcher has managed to calculate the total number of careers only in his 60 s.
Randy Johnson and Graham are about to retire and the current leader is Pedro Martinez.
There are 17 career reshuffle
At the age of 37Rest easy WaJo! You are secure!
Now, those who have to face the above situation also have some impressive Immortal Records.
Some great batting feats will never be broken.
Sam Crawford and his 309 career, TriplesSmaller ballparks, and the emphasis on the long ball made the record absolutely out of reach.
The most exciting game in baseball is still safe in third place.
Sam was excited about it more than 300 times.
Jimmy Rawlins and Carl Crawford will finish with good results at their current pace, but have not yet reached 100.
The single-season imprint of the 36 triples of Chief Wilson was also carved in stone.
Two of Henderson\'s-for-
A special report on stolen bases: 1406 career and 130 season, what can you say about the total number of careers in any category ranked 50% higher than the closest competitor? 50%.
Henderson broke Lou Brok\'s previous record and went to immortality.
The team is no longer willing to let star athletes crash on the road and risk injuries.
The fans called for a long ball.
Rickey\'s career and quarterly results will continue. Ty Cobb\'s .
366 professional ball average for a person how can so great that modern ball hand in a season in it can so excellent.
For a career that is unlikely.
There are fewer and fewer players hitting the ball in today\'s game, and more people want to drive the ball.
Goodbye, Boggs and Gwen, and bless Ichiro for keeping this ball style.
Barry Bonz and the 7 MVP winners are a great athlete who has always been affected by the steroid scandal.
How many mvp can he win without new drug tests and penalties, which is expected to stop the use of performance-enhancing drugs, but will also stop Superman\'s feat.
This record should be in the hands of a better example.
Albert puyos, it\'s not too late for you.
There are a number of other records to list: 56 straight wins for DiMaggio, percentage of injuries in Babe Ruth\'s career, Carl Ripken\'s straight streak and Hugh Duffy\'s streak440 average.
These may also be safe.
But most people think Gehrig is safe too.
The pitcher and catcher have reported to spring training.
Baseball cards are on the shelves.
Another season begins. Play Ball!
Let the debate begin!
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