Various kinds of tents with different shapes and sizes can be made according to customers’ demand.

Professionally produce aluminum tents according to customers' requirements.
Cosco Tent has an experienced design team that can help provide the best design solution.
After the discussion with our design department, we will update our design and solutions.
If necessary, the modification and confirmation will be carried out based on the feedback.
After customers confirm the design and details, we will start the production and arrange the delivery.


When it comes to having a party, the idea of holding it in the open air is definitely appealing, but it may also intimidate you because of annoying bugs and unpleasant weather. Actually, a party held outdoors can be as pleasing as one held indoors. What you need is an outdoor party tent.

A tent is a temporary structure comprised of a covering made of pliable materials or fabric that is supported by mechanical means such as poles, metal frames, beams, air, columns, arches, ropes or cables. An outdoor party tent is generally a large tent used to provide spacious room for accommodating guests of parties held in the open air. An outdoor party tent is usually characterized by portability, ease of assembly and installation, and excellent waterproofing and sunburn protection performance to meet the demands for the shelters of a party.

Our tents are commonly used for the exhibition, wedding events, warehouse, sports events, celebration, and so on. Customized tents are also available.

Ceremony Tent

We provide customized luxury ceremony tents with different styles including elegance & simplicity, and fashion & luxury. There are over 10 different tent shapes and styles to choose from. People can enjoy themselves by spending time in the fashionable tents. Our tents unlimited can be used in various events, such as business events, sports, ceremony, and promotion events. The event tent provides different shelters and space solutions for the events and the tent can be constructed whether on the cerement ground or lawn.


We have various tent shapes and wide span sizes for any capacity and different roof types for different occasions. Sidewall, door, door system, and gable can be customized depending on the actual needs.


Customized Tent

A custom tent is the best way of holding a special event. A durable and elegant custom canopy can be provided. The tent is supplied at an affordable price and customers can get the greatest benefits from it.


Cosco Tent is the best choice for your event. Currently, the event tent adopts light steel structure, hard press aluminum alloy, and the roof cover adopts double-side PVC-coated polyester textile which reaches the flame retardant standard. Moreover, we can provide a comprehensive system, such as steel wall, sandwich wall, PVC fabric, single door, rolling door, air-conditions, push-pull glass windows and so on.



1) Span Width: 3m, 6m, 8m, 9m, 10m,12m, 15m,1 8m, 20m, 21m, 25m, 30m, 40m, 45m, 50m, 55m, 60m

2) Length: unlimited and can be extended by 3m or 5m.

3) Eave height: 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m or special height per requested

4) Accessories: wooden floor, decorative lining, curtain, glass door, hard wall system (isolated panels, ABS walls, aluminum-plastics panels, glass walls, etc.), digital printing cover.



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